Question about salt effects from Gulf

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Question about salt effects from Gulf

Hi: Not quite sure where to post this but.... We are planning our first winter in Texas near the gulf, possibly Corpus Christi area. Can someone tell us how far away from the gulf would be a good distance so we don't have to be so concerned about salt damage to our RV; 5, 15, 30 miles inland for example?
Thanks for any insights.

Mark Craddock
Winter Texan ??

We have spent the last 2 winters at Riviera TX at Sea Wind RV Park. It is on Baffin Bay and is a great place to stay. No problem with the salt. Just don't drive your RV into the water. ROFL The cost for Sea Wind is $325.00 plus electric. They have a lot of things going on for the RVer. Give them a call. You won't be sorry.

Salt Water Damage

You should not have a major concern as far as salt water damage is concerned. The amount of salt in the air is minimal unless you are in a storm where the wind is blowing off of the water. You will usually only get salt water on a vehicle if you drive into the water. If you are concerned about it though you can always take your rig to a car wash. I lived on the Gulf Coast most of my life and had little concerns for salt water damage to vehicles

Damage from salty air

For the last 2 years we've wintered in Rockport-Fulton TX. The park is about a mile from the water. We have not experienced any issues there. However, a few years back we stayed in Corpus Christi for less then 2 weeks near the water and that short stay alone practically destroyed our bikes. So, beware. You may want to check on the prevailing winds too.

Salt from the Gulf

I don't know about Texas, but in south florida we don't have the salt problem along the coast. This is because of the lack of waves and wind, unlike the east coast. A mile or less would probably be fine.

Salt air effects from the Gulf

We spend 3 months each winter in Florida. Our park is 1/2 mile from the Gulf and we are parked on a canal which leads to the Gulf. I keep the undercarriage clean and spray an undercoating on any exposed metal. Any areas where I find rust, I sand the area and repaint as needed. I have found that maintenance and care is a necessity of owning an RV or any automobile.

Stephen Morrison
Salt damage

It has been awhile, but when I lived in Florida, all the cars showed damage from salt water.But what I learned it was the car wash systems that caused the worst damage. If the water came from a shallow well, the water would have a high level of sulfuric acid (sulfer - rotten egg smell)which cause the worst damage. Not sure about Texas, but when you rinse make sure the water is not "hard", no extra minerals that would mix with the salt.


So you are going to the Gulf to hide from the Gulf? Go have fun , save gas by being close to the GULF. Then sfter you head home WATER , yep wash (hose) it off, like the folks that live there.
Have a nice trip.

Unless you are right on the

Unless you are right on the beach or camping on Mustang Island or Padre Island, the salt fogs won't be a problem.

Check exposed metal periodically, but I wouldn't worry too much. Enjoy the Third Coast!

Salt concerns

Thanks to everyone for your advice and comments. We ended up near Rockport, Tx and absolutely loving it. The weather is great and about 5 miles from the beach so haven't had any problems with salt concerns with our RV. And like another poster mentioned, there are plenty of car washes in the area.

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