Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 15

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Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 15

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Posted December 9, 2012

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Simple device virtually eliminates odors in RV from holding tanks

By Chuck Woodbury
The best investment I ever made for my motorhome was a 360 holding tank vent from Drainmaster. It almost completely eliminated odors inside my RV from its toilet holding tank. The roof vents that come standard on almost all RVs are worthless for the task. All they do is keep the rain and debris out. If RV makers truly cared about their customers, they would install 360 vents on all their RVs. Before long, Forest River will begin doing just that. Others need to follow.

Our RV roofs are constantly exposed to wind turbulence. With a standard vent, that wind often rushes down into the holding tank, forcing fumes and odors up into the RV's living space. Anyone who has RVed for long with a standard vent has experienced the stink when that occurs. The solution is for the pressure in the RV to be higher than in the tank itself. The 360 vent ensures that happens. I know from my own experience that the device works.

The first 360 vent involved moving parts. See a photo to the left. The new 360 involves no moving parts, but the result is the same -- odors are always forced out of the holding tanks -- black or gray -- into the air and away from the RV -- not into the RV itself. The process works equally well when the RV is parked as when it's rolling down the highway. An excellent video at the Drainmaster website shows how the process works.

Drainmaster has been a sponsor of our websites from time to time. I have visited its headquarters in Hollister, California. Last year at the big FMCA rally in Indianapolis, I met its inventers, who enthusiastically explained the years of research and experimentation that went into perfecting the device. The fact that there are no moving parts means it should last the lifetime of your RV without any maintenance problems. You might want to consider getting one of these for your favorite RVer for the holidays. At $29.75 it's a bargain. Learn more order one here.


Give the Gift of
Better RV WiFi This Holiday Season!

The WiFiRanger is the premier solution for RVers to stay online with simple and secure Internet access.  The device allows owners to connect all their coach or travel trailer WiFi devices (Laptops, iPads, Smartphones, TVs, Game Consoles, etc) to their own secure WiFi Network and then the WiFiRanger will connect to the Park/Public WiFi, or to a 3G/4G Cellular device as needed, saving your 3G/4G Data Plan for when absolutely necessary and improving speed and reliability. Learn more.

Reduce campsite mishaps
with RV Headsets

You no longer have to try to decipher those flailing arm and hand signals and the looks of impending doom on your partner's face when directing you into a campsite -- the secret, RV Headsets. Learn more.
This air horn
will let them know you're coming

The RV life is a blast. Let everyone know you're having fun with a blast from this triple trumpet train horn. And your grandkids will love it and think you're a cool dude. See more.
Add counter top space
with this stove top cover
Invite the whole potluck crowd in when the raindrops start to fall and not worry about having enough counter space to arrange all the goodies. And it looks good too. Take a look.

Make winterizing your RV
and protecting your water system easier

If you are a wimp and are not going to use your RV for snow camping, at least lay it up properly for the winter with Camco's winterizing kit. Learn more.

When Hamlet said, "To sleep: perchance to dream"
was he thinking of this mattress?
Is it time to get rid of that lumpy, unsupportive RV mattress that came with your rig? Even the disturbed Hamlet would get a good night's sleep with this Euro Top Foam Mattress. Look here.
Protect your RV's
exterior with ArmorCoat
You will be glad that you coated your RV with ArmorCoat the next time you attend an Occupy or skinhead rally where flying stones and debris bounce off your rig without so much as a scratch. See how.
Keep road grime off
your dinghy with tow guards

Don't wait until the highways build up with grime, mud, and other yucky stuff that accumulates waiting for you to come along and transfer it to your dinghy. Tow guards are your first defense. See how.
Don't go to Quartzsite
without a Flagpole Buddy

You could roam for hours trying to find your rig in the mass of RVs spread out across the Quartzsite desert if you didn't have a tall flagpole and flag to locate your rig. Learn more.

Monitor your tire pressure and temperature
The TireTraker™ TT-400C is a full-time wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to monitor & display tire pressures from 0 psi up to 145 psi & also to monitor tire temperatures from 14°F to 185°F. Monitor tires on your motorhome, trailer & tow vehicle -- up to 22 tires! Low pressure is the leading cause of premature tire failure! The TireTraker™ TT-400C, with its industry-leading 3-year warranty, can provide early notice of potential problems & assist in maintaining proper pressurization. List price (four tires) $319. Our price only $219. SAVE $100! Learn more or order. Read testimonials about Tire Traker.

Replace your worn awning fabric
with a Realtree camo pattern

You don't have to replace your old and frayed awning fabric with a dull, drab replacement. Instead replace it with a genuine Realtree camo pattern and stand out from the crowd. Learn how.

Stainless steel grill set
brings out the hidden master barbecue chef

Watch as the hidden master barbecue chef emerges from within the pile of worn out, useless barbecue tools he/she has been using for too many years when presented with this nifty barbecue set. See it here.

Do your laundry in your campsite
with the Wonderwash clothes washer

Easier than a trip to the laundry or making home made ice cream, the hand crank Wonderwash will keep you looking spiffy in your camping duds -- and you don't even have to leave your campsite. See how.

Flexible water blade
squeegees water from curved surfaces

By squeegeeing water from curved surfaces I was not referring to drying your super model friend's curved torso, but rather the curved surfaces of your RV, trailer, tow vehicle, or dinghy. Learn how.


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