Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 16

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Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 16

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Posted January 13, 2013

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Get online easier, securely with WiFiRanger

With all the devices that we now carry in our RVs that need an Internet connection, its no wonder one of the most discussed topics in forums and blogs is how people stay connected to the Internet. Until recently, this involved a variety of solutions including cellular devices, WiFi, and even satellite, but little existed to simplify the process of keeping things simple and secure, and to utilize the best connection available at any one time.

The WiFiRanger line of routers are specifically designed for this purpose. These routers drastically reduce the time and effort required to stay connected while moving from location to location.

The device allows the owner of a coach or RV to simply connect all their laptops, printers, TVs, game machines and iDevices to the WiFiRanger's internal secure wireless or wired network. Much like you would do at home, your devices are always connected to each other on that network, and never need to be changed. Any RVer with a late model TV that supports WiFi for streaming music and video knows that trying to get that TV on an RV park's WiFi is nearly impossible. With a WiFIRanger, once all your coach devices are connected to its network, the owner uses a simple browser to then tell the WiFiRanger how to connect to the public WiFi or 3G/4G cellular devices. This adds a layer of security to your use of public WiFi, and since WiFiRangers have excellent WiFi reception, they can often make weak and unusable park WiFi very usable and improve speeds.

"I used to avoid RV park Wifi because it's not secure," said RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury. "Ever since I got my WiFiRanger I have used it instead of my Verizon Aircard, which generally is not as fast."

The WiFiRanger auto connects at more than 10,000 locations nationwide, so often the owner will have no interaction with it. It simply works, and owners are often connected by the time they are parked. Leading manufacturers like Forest River are now including it as an option or even standard equipment. It comes in a variety of models, from simple internal units to high power outdoor versions capable of pulling in WiFi from a few miles away. More information available at the WiFi Ranger website. An overview video can be found here.


Monitor your tire pressure and temperature
The TireTraker™ TT-400C is a full-time wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to monitor & display tire pressures from 0 psi up to 145 psi & also to monitor tire temperatures from 14°F to 185°F. Monitor tires on your motorhome, trailer & tow vehicle -- up to 22 tires! Low pressure is the leading cause of premature tire failure! The TireTraker™ TT-400C, with its industry-leading 3-year warranty, can provide early notice of potential problems & assist in maintaining proper pressurization. List price (four tires) $319. Our price only $219. SAVE $100! Learn more or order. Read testimonials about Tire Traker.

Gorillatorch: A pocket light
with infinite uses
Spot wildlife, work with both hands in the dark, use it as a headlamp, attach it to a tree, the Gorillatorch will grab just about anything and provide no hands light wherever you are. Learn how
A campfire in a bag?
What will they think of next? Now the Green Light people are offering a campfire in a bag. No wood collecting or smoke in your eyes. Simply light the bag. Learn how
LED tire pressure gauge
makes a good gift
With this spiffy lighted tire pressure gauge your mate can no longer be grumpy when it's time to check your rig's tire pressures. She might even enjoy it. Learn why.

Portable waste tank:
A must have for dry-campers

A portable waste tank is a convenient and time-saving accessory if you do a lot of dry-camping or boondocking. Check it out.   
Easily monitor all your rig's tires
and simultaneously with TireMinder
Unless you enjoy crawling around in road grime to check your tire pressures -- or worse, you don't check them often enough -- you could make your life safer and easier with TireMinder. Learn how

Get your trailer sway
under control with the Equal-i-zer
If features like a lifetime warranty, American steel, resistance to lateral movement, and integrated sway control get your attention -- or even if they don't -- the Equal-i-zer hitch offers it all. Learn how

RoadPro cooler/warmer
makes drinks easily available on the road
If you're the driver and you've had your mate stand up in your moving RV to get you a drink, you might want to consider this cooler/warmer from RoadPro. Take a look.
A wine chiller can keep your wine
collection at optimum temperatures
It's not just wine snobs that like to enjoy their wines at their peak. The wine chiller can maintain that perfect edge for you -- right in your RV -- so you can enjoy drinking and serving with confidence. Learn how

Hot off the press!
Essential for owners of large RVs!
2013 Big Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory
If you drive a king-sized RV, this directory is for you. The authors provide details about RV parks in 49 states and eight Canadian provinces that welcome long RVs. All parks personally visited by the authors, who even recommend best sites in each one plus nearby attractions. A must for big rig owners. Learn more or order.

Macerator pump
eases dumpstationitis
If you would like to free yourself from most of the hands-on part of handling a bulky, yucky dump hose and do it through a garden hose, you might want to check out a macerator pump. Learn more.
Become the terminator of bugs
with the Electric Fly Swatter
Let the force be with you, as you prowl your RV and campsite with the Electric Fly Swatter, bringing death and obliteration to winged enemies of helpless and vulnerable campers. Learn how.
Sunforce offers
an easy starter kit to solar power
Solar panels are near their lowest prices ever. This Sunforce starter kit will launch you on the road to electrical independence at a surprisingly low starter price. See how
Keep those closet hangers
on the rod where they belong
Your RV should not be a destruction derby for clothes that get flung back and forth across your closet rods while on the road. You can prevent the silk Hawaiian shirts and grubby hiking pants from piling up on your closet floor with Stay-Put hangers. Learn more.


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