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Posted April 14, 2013

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A wonderful lantern for RVers with a great story behind it

By Nancy Gardner

There aren’t that many product accessories the RVTravel.com staffers receive that excite us as much as the K-Light Lantern. Not only is it an outstanding product, but it has a fascinating history.

The small, nearly indestructible solar-powered device was created and built for humanitarian purposes for use in the harsh environs of Rwanda, where Dr. Dale Williams and his colleagues at the Koinonia Foundation have traveled frequently since 1994 to provide medical care for refugees. “Since the use of fossil fuel in the kerosene lanterns is the principal cause of pollution in Africa and is the primary cause of lung disease and cancer, especially in women, a solar lantern seemed a natural,” said Williams. “In the usual small, one-room home, using a kerosene lantern is like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.”

With its 1.5w solar panel, the one-pound lantern's LED lights will shine brightly for 10 hours at full brightness, or longer at a lower setting.

An optional, removable cap allows the lantern to function as a flashlight, and the lantern can become completely hands-free because the handle can rotate 360 degrees and lock in 12 different positions. With a K-Light phone charger, the lantern's solar panel can charge most cell phones and MP3 players.

Brad Butler, CEO of Online Ventures, the company that owns the lantern's marketing rights in North America, said while the product has just started making its way onto the retail market, its future is indeed bright. Literally!

Here’s a recap of the K-Light Lantern’s features and accessories:
•100,000-hour battery life (8-10 years of daily use).
•Rechargeable, lead-free, landfill-disposable, NiMH battery.
•16 bright, energy-efficient LEDs.
•High- and low-setting option (10-20 hour run time).
•Highly water-resistant — it floats.
•Shatterproof; cool to the touch.

Learn more about the lantern or order it at the K-Light website. The basic model, which includes the light and solar panel, sells for $54.95.


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How Maui Jim sunglasses
have built a cult-like following

In case you wondered how Maui Jim sunglasses achieved their cult following, and how they fit into the RV lifestyle, start with their patented PolarizedPlus, color-enhancing lenses and glare reduction. Check them out.

Keep your reefer contents
in place with a compression bar

You don't have to put up with a refrigerator full of jumbled contents — spilled milk, overturned food containers, broken eggs — anymore with this simple, low-tech, double-compression bar. Learn how.

Catalytic heaters keep your RV
cozy warm without depleting your batteries

Bask in the heat from a catalytic heater's glowing coils on a cold night knowing that your comfort does not come at the expense of dead batteries. Too good to be true? Learn how.

Coleman introduces new
low-profile powerful roof air conditioner

Get the lowdown on Coleman's new roof air conditioner. In fact, it's so low down it stands only 8 inches above your roof top. Squeeze under more low bridges, knock fewer limbs off trees, and be cool. Learn more.

Do away with boring awnings!
Express yourself with your custom designed RV awning. Tell the world about your favorite college sports team! Or turn your awning into a beautiful mountain or beach scene. Got a business? Show off your company logo. It's all possible at FunInTheShade.com. The prices are reasonable with quick delivery! Visit their interactive website: See what your favorite design would look like on your RV.

You and your rig
can both be cool with Magne Shade

Whether you like Fido and Fluffy's portraits on your windshield sun screen, a favorite scene from one of your RV trips, or just plain, putting them on is a breeze with Magne Shade's unique magnet mounting system. See how.

Winegard announces new HD antenna
to bring in local broadcast TV channels free up to 50 miles away

Simply put the flat, flexible antenna on the inside of one of your RV windows and watch all the local channels — sports, news, events — you haven't been able to get before — and for free. Learn how.

Totally bamboo Texas cutting board
Are you a proud Texan — or a wannabe? Show off your state pride with this eco-friendly cutting board in the shape of your beloved state at your next potluck. Here's how.

Does adding a dishwasher to your RV make sense?
Is your RV's dishwasher (called a husband) growing less efficient, starting to make groaning noises, and slowing down? It might be time to replace it with VESTA’s compact RV/Marine dishwasher. Learn more.

Monitor your
tire pressure and temperature

The TireTraker™ TT-400C is a full-time wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to monitor & display tire pressures from 0 psi up to 145 psi & also to monitor tire temperatures from 14°F to 185°F. Monitor tires on your motorhome, trailer & tow vehicle -- up to 22 tires! Low pressure is the leading cause of premature tire failure! The TireTraker™ TT-400C, with its industry-leading 3-year warranty, can provide early notice of potential problems & assist in maintaining proper pressurization. List price (four tires) $319. Our price only $219. SAVE $100! Learn more or order. Read testimonials about Tire Traker.

Sewiepig: For the RVer who has everything
If you're the kind of RVer that puts out a welcome carpet, maybe a plant or two, and a bird feeder to make your campsite more inviting and attractive, than Sewiepig is for you. Learn more.

Aims Power introduces
new line of charger controllers

These hi-tech charger controllers will keep you powerful and functioning wherever you are — and the energy monitor tells you how much power you are using and how much is left in your batteries. Learn how.

Motion-proof putty
keeps your stuff in place while traveling

If you've ever wanted the ability to deny the forces of gravity from flinging objects like vases, lamps, or radios around your RV's interior while driving, now you can. Learn how.

Powermania charger
charges two batteries simultaneously

With a name like Turbo you know it has to be powerful, and Powermania's Turbo charger will allow the charging of two batteries at once in a compact, lightweight package. Learn more.


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