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Issue 16, February 24, 2013

A monthly newsletter from Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor

Greetings from Gary

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Another month, and it’s time for yet another edition of the RV Doctor Newsletter. If your RV is currently “put up” for the winter, it won’t be long until it’s time to get it ready for another fine season of RVing. If you’ve continued to use your RV this winter, I certainly hope all is going well!
The slow months of winter, however, just might be the perfect time to invest a bit into your RVing education. The old saying, “ya can’t learn too much about a good thing,” is certainly true for those of us who enjoy the RV lifestyle. But where can we, as RVers, learn more about our recreation vehicles; especially the more technical aspects of preventive maintenance or even troubleshooting and repair?
Well, my topic this month reveals some of the various types of RV educational opportunities that are out there. So be sure to click on the “Topic of the Month” below and see if any spark an interest for you.
Thanks again for subscribing to the RV Doctor Newsletter! Do let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to address in a future edition. Until then, git yerself edumacated!

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This Issue's "Topic of the Month"

Educational Opportunities for RVers
Most RV owners certainly care about their recreational investment while enjoying the traveling life. And I know for a fact that many of you tinker with your rigs and get excited when you’re able to take care of a problem on your own, rather than taking the time and spending the money for a professional to solve the issue. Thus, it stands to reason that the more we can learn about our coaches, especially the technical issues, the better prepared we will become for ensuring that enjoyment level endures. Okay, that makes sense, you say, but where do RVers find those educational opportunities? I reveal some in this month’s “Topic of the Month.” Click here to check it out.

eBook: The RV Doctor's
Technical Guide to RV Electrical Systems

Learn from Gary about the 120-volt electrical system on an RV. While the voltage and current we use in our RVs may seem the same as what we're accustomed to at home, it's not and Gary graphically explains why. This should be essential reading for RVers. This is a digital PDF file that is instantly delivered to your email addressLearn more or order. Part 2, (12-volt DC Systems) is being finalized as you read this.

In Case You Missed It
In an RV of any type, safety is paramount; both personal safety and the safe operation of your recreation vehicle. In an earlier RV Doctor Newsletter, we posted 34 fire facts that can save your life while traveling in an RV. In case you missed it, here it is again.

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Water Leaks and RV Damage
Many RVers understand the importance of keeping water and moisture from entering the RV through faulty seals or other forms of compromise, but oftentimes it’s difficult, at best, to determine exactly where the leak exists. Well-equipped RV service facilities rely on a SealTech machine to accurately identify air or water leaks in any RV. Check out this RV Doc tip.

Gary’s Speaking Schedule

Here’s where you can attend my live RV owner maintenance seminars in the coming months. Please come by and say hello if you’re in any of these areas! Hey, you have an RV! Just drive to one of them!
•March 1-3: Fredericksburg RV Show, Fredericksburg, Va.
•May 13-16: RVSEF Lifestyle, Education & Safety Conference, Colorado Springs, Colo.
•June 13-16: Good Sam Rally, Syracuse, N.Y.

If you'd like to have the RV Doc present RV owner maintenance seminars at an RV event near you, be sure to let the show promoter know. Feel free to send them this link!

Your invitation to attend the 2013 RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety Conference
Time is Short to Enroll! The 2013 RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety Conference. Enrollment is filling up quickly, but you still have a little more time to sign up for the 2013 annual conference sponsored by RVSEF. Gary and Walter Cannon invite you to attend this year’s RV Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference. Check out this YouTube invite!

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This Month’s FOG Feature!
Chris Dougherty makes a return appearance for this month’s FOG feature. I always like to see how Chris responds to certain questions, especially during the winter months, since he lives on the opposite coast and in a much more harsh environment than I. Check out Chris’ response to Donald’s question here.

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Interesting Questions to the RV Doctor

•  How long will an RV water heater last?

•  Exploding propane at the water heater.

•  Water heater causes soot.

•  Constant hot water drip.

•  Leaking water heater by-pass.

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RV Doctor Videos!

You may not be aware, but the RV Doc has another website, www.RVdoctorVideos.com, a collection of some of the videos we've produced over the years. Some are product reviews while others are simply one-off responses to individual questions posed by readers and subscribers like you. Here’s a few RV Doc videos pertaining to RV water heaters:

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The RV Doctor’s Puzzle Pix

Wow! No one correctly identified the small travel trailer in last month’s issue! That really surprised me! I received a lot of good guesses, but not one single person was able to identify this old Go Tag-a-Long trailer in the puzzle. You can go here to learn a little more about this brand from yesteryear.

This month, I made it a little easier for you, (I hope). Be the 16th person to correctly identify the brand of RV depicted in this month’s photo and I’ll send you the still “brand” new 2013 Rand McNally Road Atlas; an outstanding resource for your RV travels! Note: if your puzzle appears to have missing pieces, change the “View” of your webpage by zooming in or out as necessary.
Click here to begin your assembly of this month’s RV Doctor Puzzle Pix! Send your best guess to me at gbunzer@hotmail.com. The 16th correct response wins!

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