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Weekend of December 8, 2012

Issue 563 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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If you are ever traveling through the Midwest on I-80, pause for a few hours in Elkhart, Indiana at the RV/MH Hall of Fame. I visited in September. What a treat!

First off, "MH/RV" means "Manufactured Home/Recreational Vehicle." But really, it should just be "RV." There are no manufactured homes on display in the RV Founders Hall, which is the museum section. Instead, dozens of RVs from as early as the 1920s are displayed. The world's smallest Airstream is right inside the entrance, a mere 10 feet long, but complete with a bathroom. It was a prototype for the European market that was not pursued.

I felt a huge wave of nostalgia as I entered a 15-foot, yellow and white Shasta travel trailer from 1954. My parents bought a nearly identical Field and Steam trailer. We spent some wonderful vacations in that little RV. At home it was a great place to hang out with my buddies or spend the night camping in the front yard. If you had asked me a day before my visit to the museum to describe the inside of that old trailer, I would have not done very well. But once I stepped inside the Shasta I instantly recognized everything as familiar. It was like stepping back in time. There were no other visitors waiting to come in, so I stayed awhile thinking about my great times camping as kid. Click the video above to see my 30 second tour of the trailer.

A path that looks like a two-lane road winds through the museum, passing one classic RV after another. I enjoyed seeing Mae West's 1931 Chevrolet Housecar. It was given to the actress by Paramount Studios as an enticement to get her to leave the Vaudeville circuit and begin making movies for them. The vehicle was used for several years, mostly transporting Miss West from her home or hotel to shooting locations.

Also on display is one of the very first Winnebago motorhomes, built in 1967 on a power-challenged, six-cylinder Ford chassis. How about that shag carpet?

It's a delight to walk through the museum and view the many old RVs, many of which you can go inside. The Hall of Fame also includes other exhibits including a display honoring RV industry pioneers and leaders.

The museum is open year round. Adult admission is $9, less for seniors and children. There are several nearby RV parks, so stay a night if you have time. And smalltown Elkhart, the "RV Capital of the World" is about as pretty as you'll ever see and worth exploring. And while in the area, be sure to visit one of the many RV factories, many of which offer regularly scheduled tours.

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Martin Creek Lake State Park near Tatum, Texas had nearly a full house over the Thanksgiving holidays when many families abandoned 'grandmother's house' and went camping instead.
Counting on "back to nature" fans, Tucson, Arizona's Ritz-Carlton (Dove Mountain) hotel now offers "in room camping" complete with a tent, s'mores and your very own stuffed plush desert tortoise. No word on when you can rent that room with a fifth-wheel and camp chairs.

A French couple motorhoming in New Zealand found their rig surrounded by five men doing the "Haka," the traditional war cry of native Maori people. Pulled from their rig, a bit beaten up, the RVers were relieved of their valuables by the five reportedly inebriated men. Click here to listen to the Haka.

Auction prices for used RVs took their typical seasonal drop in October. Black Book reports motorhome prices down $214 on average, less than one percent. Towables were down more than six percent, about $650. Average motorhome sale price, $40,364; towable, $10,022.

Trailer owners in Exeter, New Hampshire, beware. If your rig looks like it might be "permanent," "enclosed," "used as a dwelling" or "intended to remain stationary," the town may tax your rig. A 2010 trailer valued at $9,000 would be hit for $235.

Fuel prices fell last week: Diesel down seven-tenths of a cent, gas more than four cents. The week before diesel had jacked up almost six cents, the biggest jump in three months.

A New Zealand RV rental firm has 500 motorhomes stuck in Christchurch and Queensland and they want them back to Auckland near Christmas. To make it happen, they're renting the rigs out for $5 a day for five nights, tossing in a full tank of fuel, and a free ferry pass from the south island to the north island for the rig and driver.

Looking for unusual biodiesel in California's Bay Area? A month-long pilot program is selling algae-based biodiesel. Said to meet or exceed ASTM quality specs, Propel Clean Fuel guarantees compatibility and performance. It's selling in Redwood City, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose.

Americans are on track to spend more on gasoline this year than in any prior year on record. Figures indicate sales will average $1.32 billion per day.

Plans for wind turbines on 63,000 acres of desert near California's Joshua Tree National Park have been blown out. The Bureau of Land Management ruled that Desert Air Renewables didn't meet agency reporting requirements during its initial testing phase.

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More news

Readers of MotorHome Magazine voted Winnebago top manufacturer of Class A and Class C motorhomes in the magazine's first-ever Readers' Choice Awards. Top "sit down" restaurant honors went to Cracker Barrel.

RV industry talking-heads say the industry is rebounding. Wholesale movement of rigs is expected to be up 10 percent this year compared to 2011, and expectations say another four and a half percent in 2013. Towable units account for 90 percent of new retail sales.

RVers at Fort McMurray, Alberta's Rotary Park Campground are furious: A developer will turn the park into a golf course. Residents -- some permanent -- have two months to move out. At least one resident says it will be difficult to move rigs "frozen" into place in Alberta's winter.

Lady Liberty didn't come off unscathed from Hurricane Sandy. The Park Service says Liberty Island took heavy damage and the Statue of Liberty will be closed "indefinitely" until repairs can be made. The landmark had just reopened the day before the storm, following a $30 million refurbishing.

Camping on public or private property (not owned by you) may soon be outlawed in Fortuna, California. Sleeping in a vehicle on a street would be allowed only from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. under a proposed city ordinance.

A South Beloit, Wisconsin man with dementia vanished along with his 1985 white Chevrolet motorhome last Monday. The man, Daniel Perry, is 82. Police want anyone spotting the rig with Wisconsin plates 327138RV to call them at 815-389-3491.

On this date in history:
December 8
Compiled by Dell Bert

1931: The coaxial cable is patented.
1941: U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan. U.S. enters WW II.
1952: First TV acknowledgement of pregnancy (I Love Lucy).
1962: A 114-day newspaper strike begins in New York City.
1966: The U.S. and USSR sign a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in outer space.

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Money saving tips on the road.
How to escape your RV if a fire breaks out.

The many uses of WD-40.
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The basics of mobile internet systems.
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Bizarre lake awaits in British Columbia
If Dr. Suess had an RV and was looking for a Suess-like environment, in just what direction would he steer when he chose? Quite possibly to British Columbia's Spotted Lake, defined (in a most un-Suess-like way) as a saline endorheic alkali lake. Spotted Lake is indeed spotted, and in the summertime when the water begins to evaporate, the lake turns spotted, at times in a riot of surrealist colors. Read more.

Preparing your RV for storage in the summer
Many snowbirds leave their RVs behind in the Southwest after they drive or fly north to their stix and brix homes. So the question is how do they prepare their stored RV for the scorching heat of summer? Here are some ideas.

Finally, to buy new tires
Rich Miller, the Wanderman, knew the day was coming when he needed to get new tires for his motorhome. Well, it was time. But before buying, he did his homework (as he always does). And what he learned is the subject of his posting this week. It's good information. Please check it out.

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Understanding 30 amp vs. 50 amp RV service
In this video from Master RV technician Steve Roddy, an RVer wonders why her circuit breaker keeps blowing in her 32 foot travel trailer. The trailer is wired for 30 amps, but she is plugged into a 50 amp outlet with a surge protector. Roddy explains why the problem is occurring and answers her question about re-wiring her RV for 50 amp service. Watch the two-minute video.

Buy a new RV for the kids?
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Change from week before: Down 4 cents
Diesel: $4.02 (on December 3)
Change from week before: Down 1 cent

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Dear Gary,
I think we have a propane leak. How should we check it out, or should we take it somewhere. Should it be a propane place or a RV repair shop? We live in our motorhome full time. My husband thinks it is safe because it is shut off but I'm worried something could still happen. Please inform us. --Susan N., (Somewhere in WI)

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First RVing experience is a bad one

Dear R.V. Shrink:
We recently spent a week in a state park near New Orleans. It was a dump. Very mismanaged and a mosquito infested swamp. It was our first experience with our new RV. My wife always wanted to explore New Orleans and I thought this would be a great way to do it. As it turns out I was wrong. My wife is now turned off with RVing and New Orleans. I probably should have stayed in a commercial park with easier access to the city, but there were two state parks that looked close so I just picked the one, figuring it would be close to things and a short hop into the city. I am now thinking I should have left the RV home and found a hotel. Any suggestions on how to convince my wife that this is not the norm when RVing? --Camping Voodoo in Vicksburg

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Top RV parks named by GuestRated.com.

RVing Arizona
Catalina State Park offers outstanding programs and hikes in December.

RV Recalls
Starcraft recalls some Autumn Ridge AR-One travel trailers.

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Running two air conditioners on a 30-amp connection
I received this letter recently. "We are considering buying a Winnebago Sightseer 35J with two roof air conditioners. But the coach only has 30-amp service with an Onan 5.5 KW generator. Can these two air conditioners run at the same time with only 30 amps?" Here's my answer.

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RV Short Stops

Patagonia Lake State Park
Southeast Arizona

Tucked away in the rolling hills of southeastern Arizona is the hidden treasure of Patagonia Lake State Park, with a 265-acre man-made lake where anglers catch crappie, bass, bluegill and catfish. Pontoon boat tours will be offered on the lake on Saturdays and Sundays in December. Avian tours will be offered at 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. and will go to the east end of the lake. An experienced birder will be on board to point out, identify, and talk about the birds seen. Enjoy a Twilight tour just before dark on Saturdays. The sunsets can be spectacular from the lake and seeing the shoreline from the water is a delightful experience. And there's more. Read all about it.

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Batteries in cold weather
Always keep your batteries fully charged in freezing weather. Battery voltage drops rapidly when used in cold weather. A low battery is susceptible to rupture when frozen. --From Motorhomes Made Easy


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According to the book "Fast Food Nation," one of every eight U.S. workers at one time worked for McDonald's. The company hires about one million people each year. McDonald's is the nation's largest purchaser of beef, pork and potatoes. The McDonald's Corporation is the largest owner of retail property in the world and earns the majority of its profit not from selling food but from collecting rent. McDonald's operates more playgrounds than any other private entity in the USA. A survey of American school children found that 96 percent could identify Ronald McDonald, second only to Santa Claus. The Golden Arches are more recognized than the Christian Cross.

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