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Weekend of December 22, 2012

Issue 565 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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Today, I would like to discuss with you the subject of dumping. I would like to tell you how I perform the dumping of my RV's holding tanks, and I would appreciate it if you would tell me if I am missing something relative to the process. For those of you who are new to RVing, dumping the holding tanks of an RV is how it goes potty. They cannot do it themselves. It's up to a human to do it.

Sooner or later, all RVs must dump. I believe, one day, an affordable self-dumping RV will be invented. But that could be years away. So for now, dumping is something that all RVers must do. Truth be told, it's usually guys who do it. Women cook, men dump: that's the way it is (hold your letters. . . I know there are exceptions).

Here is what I was thinking today after reading an article about some great new gloves for dumping duty. I thought about how I usually do not use gloves. Shame on me, right? Well, wait! We recently surveyed the readers of this newsletter and about 31 percent reported they also go gloveless. So I am not alone.

When I am done dumping, I immediately wash my hands. I scrub them really well, a super-scrub. I don't believe a single germ could survive. In between dumping and returning to my RV, I keep my hands to myself. I do not shake hands with any other dumpers, nor do I even use my hands to, say, blow my nose. I don't contaminate my door handle because I usually keep it cracked open for my return, so I can re-enter my RV without touching the actual handle.

BUT AFTER DUMPING ABOUT 500 TIMES in my life (at five minutes per dump that would be about 46 hours of such labor), I have observed countless guys (and women, sometimes) performing the dumping act. Some wear disposable gloves. Now, that seems like a very logical idea. Others, though, wear a pair of garden-type gloves that appear to have been used for dumping (I suspect unwashed), since the beginning of the Cold War. I ask you, how many germs are living inside those gloves? I say it's a bloody germ metropolis! Now, does that dumper think he or she is really avoiding those nasty little bacteria while performing their duty? If so, I say that person does not grasp the concept of germs.

Okay, now you know what some people may consider my very sinful dumping style. I welcome your comments at our forum to set me straight or to tell me that, you, too are a gloveless dumper. I have set up a category at the forum here.

* * *

And, to change from silly to serious, may you have a very Merry Christmas or a wonderful holiday if you're celebrating another occasion. My prayers continue to be with the people of Newtown, who lost their children so tragically last week. As a parent, I feel their pain, but I know that what I feel is nothing compared to what they are experiencing. May we as a society unite to find a way to help prevent such horrible events from happening in the future.

Finally, if you have had trouble signing up for our new RV Daily Tips newsletter, please email me -- chuck@rvtravel.com -- and I will be happy to put you on the list to receive the email alert for each new issue.

* * *
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kgjEditor comment: We post breaking RV news throughout the week at our RVtravel.com Facebook page. Click here.

La Cañada Flintridge, California RVers take note: The city council is pondering an ordinance that would require city approval for anyone wanting to store an RV on private property in the city. Under the ordinance, neighbors could appeal storage approvals.

A plan to privatize the Ohio Turnpike has been turned down by the state's governor. Proponents said the plan would bring in money for bridge and highway projects.

"Cheech and Chong" meet "Motorhome?" Actors Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston climb aboard a "huge" motorhome to transport marijuana across country in "We're the Millers" set to be released next summer.

New at the RV Hall of Fame in Indiana: Governor Mitch Daniels is donating "RV-1," his personal campaign motorhome, to the museum this week.

A new 42-site RV park may take up residence next to the Bryden Canyon Golf Course in Lewiston, Idaho if grant monies from the state come through. The public golf course is withering under declining use and income.

RV fuel prices were down last week. Gas is now at its lowest point for 2012.

Look for flashier GM pickups in mid-2013. New 2014 versions of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra will have more aerodynamic styling, quieter interiors, updated steering, suspensions and brakes. GM claims better fuel economy in some models too.

Ford Motor Company says the demand for its Class A gasoline motorhome chassis has risen unexpectedly. Ford produced 4,000 chassis in 2011, and forecasted a need for 7,000 in 2012. So far this year, they have already produced 2,500 more than that, and the year is not over. What about 2013? Ford says it anticipates the need for 12,500.

Fans of the RV television program Rollin' On TV can now catch the broadcasts on KLHU in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Local airing takes off January 5.

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2013 Good Sam
RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory

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More news
A group of Virginia residents aren't happy with the state's proposal to establish tolls on I-95 in Sussex County. The state says fuel taxes aren't enough to pay for highway needs. It notes that this is a pilot project on a highway used largely by out-of-area travelers "making long road trips."

Christmas vacation RVers in Queensland, Australia are paying top dollar for waterfront sites -- $400 a week without hookups. Prices don't seem to kill the interest -- some RVers book for the next year before they head for home.

RV generator manufacturer Cummins Power Generation says it will crank up prices on its generator sets and automatic transfer switches by up to three percent starting January 1. The company cites market conditions and foreign exchange rates as the cause.

The former motorhome of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is available on eBay for $427,000. The 2002 Prevost H3 Marathon Coach has 187,000 miles on it, two leather recliners, a king size bed and two plasma televisions. It also includes a surround sound system, fold down treadmill, granite countertops and a refrigerator. Actually, it includes just about everything!

Souderton, Pennsylvania RV dealer Indian Valley Camping Center says crooks stole two new fifth-wheels off their lot this week: A 2013 Keystone Fuzion FZ31513, VIN 4YDF3152XDF811032, and a 2013 Cruiser Fun Finder Xtra XT275, VIN 5RXTA272XD1024591. If you have information call Dan Keller at 215 262-7693.

Maine had a great year for state park visitors with nearly 2.5 million visits. The state also sold more than 11,000 park passes, a record.

Cory Unsworth, the owner of Idaho's Lava Hot Springs KOA, will be charged with video voyeurism according to local police who say Unsworth used his cell phone over the last four years to video up to 30 park visitors in the park's showers. Unsworth is also the chairman of the local county planning and zoning commission.

On this date in history:
December 22
Compiled by Dell Bert

1882: First string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison.
1937: Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) opens to traffic.
1945: Diane Sawyer is born.
1963: Official 30-day mourning period for President John F. Kennedy ends.
1997: Merck baldness pill for men approved by FDA.

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Carry these handy gadgets along in your RV.

How to fix small roof punctures, cracks and tears.
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Getting online with WiFi on your RV trips.

Do "gas saving" products really help?
How to avoid costly water leak damage to your RV.

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Solution for RV memory foam mattress mildew
Do you have a memory foam mattress in your rig? If so, have you flipped it over lately? You might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find. Recently our blogger Rene Agredano purchased a RV memory foam mattress for her fifth wheel. The mattress had great construction, but she later discovered a huge problem with it: mildew growing on the bottom of the mattress. Read more.

How to make the best cup of coffee while traveling
The Wanderman, Rich Miller, like many other RVers needs his cup of java to get his day going. But he's no Instant Folgers kinda guy. He demands the best. So what's the best way to brew your coffee? As usual, Rich did some research and came up with the answer -- at least "his answer." Read what he concluded.

Winnebago - Itasca recall nearly 3,000 motorhomes
Winnebago Industries, Inc. is recalling 2,944 model year 2009-2013 Winnebago model Era, View and Via motorhomes, and 2010-2013 Itasca model Navion and Reyo motorhomes. The proper fuses were not installed for the refrigerator circuits. Without the proper fuse, heat can build which could lead to a vehicle fire. More.

Laid Back Luxury
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Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is one of the top rated resorts in the country. With top of the line amenities, incredible staff, and exquisite lots, this Class A only resort is just minutes from the sugar-fine sands of the Alabama Gulf coast. Come see how they live at Bella Terra of Gulf Shores by visiting its website BellaTerraRVresort.com or by calling one of the resort representatives at (866) 417-2416.

New RVer asks: What about cruise control and overdrive when towing?
When towing a travel trailer, can you use the cruise control? What about an overdrive transmission? These are questions that can puzzle new RVers -- and even some veterans. Here are some thoughts.

Working on the Road Resources. Part 2
Finding ways to make money while full-time RVing may seem mysterious at first, but thankfully there are many free and subscription-based resources that provide road trippers with everything needed to make money while traveling. In part two, learn about dozens of helpful resources.

. . . Did you miss Part 1 of the series? If so, it's here.

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Oh, my goodness. . . another motorhome almost too weird to be real
But it is real! Or, well, it was. You will not believe this ever traveled a highway. Check out the photo.

How to add LED lights by Dometic to your RV's exterior
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Maintain and troubleshoot fifth-wheel landing gear issues
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Latest fuel prices
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Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.24 (on December 21)
Change from week before: Down 4 cents
Diesel: $3.94 (on December 17)
Change from week before: Down 5 cents

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RV DoctorAsk the Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

New in 2012: Gary's eBook, The RV Doctor's Technical Guide to RV Electrical Systems. Learn all about your RV's 120-volt electrical system. Order now and be reading a few minutes later.

How level must an RV fridge be when NOT operating?

Dear Gary,
I understand it is recommended that RV refrigerators be level when operating, but how far "off level" can we keep the RV without damage to the refrigerator when the refrigerator is NOT in operation? I notice you recommend slightly off level for winter storage. --Pete S., (Redwood City, CA)

Read Gary's response.


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National Park Service Camping Guide
The National Park Service Camping Guide, expanded and updated in 2013, describes nearly 450 campgrounds in more than 120 National Parks, recreation areas, monuments, and other areas managed by the National Park Service which all together are home to more than 25,000 campsites. If you love camping in National Parks, this is for you. Learn more or order.

The RV Shrink

Nearby smokers are a problem. What to do?

Dear R.V. Shrink:
Could someone share with me the proper protocol when you have neighbors who smoke? I'm allergic to smoke and for some reason, most of the smokers stand outside to smoke...I guess so their RV doesn't smell of smoke. However, it's right outside our windows and the smoke comes in. Consequently, we have to shut our windows to keep the smoke out. I realize that this is MY problem but the only solution I see is for us to move to another site...and hope another smoker doesn't park next to us. This doesn't happen very often but when it does it sets allergies in motion and we are forced to use the AC to keep cool. Thanks for any help you can give.
--Nick O. Tine

Read the Shrink's response.

Internet Specials!

Joke of the week
A motorhome broke down along the freeway, so the driver eased it over onto the shoulder. He jumped out of his driver side door, walked around his rig and opened the door to the coach itself. Out popped two men in trench coats. The men stood behind the motorhome and immediately opened up their coats, exposing themselves to the passing traffic. The result was a terrible pile-up. Later, when questioned by an angry highway patrolman about why he put two deviates along the side of the road, the RVer replied, "I was broken down, so I just used my emergency flashers!"

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Odds and Ends

Northwest RVer
Whale Watching: Oregon's seasonal gift.
National Park funds dangling off "fiscal cliff."

Texas RVer
Whispering Pines in Tyler to join up with Jellystone.
New hiking trails at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.
Send for free Texas travel guide.

SECRET PHRASE. Pregnant Kathy dreamed she gave birth to a duck.

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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

What is a park model RV or recreational park trailer?
Recreational Park Trailers or RPTs are designed to be used as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, or seasonal use. In many cases these seasonal cottages are taken to a vacation spot, set-up and left there. This can be in an RV park, resort area, or a tranquil location in the mountains or on the coast, usually within a few hours drive from the owner’s residence. RPTs come in various designs but are normally one of two types. Read more.

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RV Short Stops
The National Museum of Roller Skating
Lincoln, Nebraska
If you like to roller skate, then you should enjoy this museum where the mission is to acquire, preserve, research and interpret the history of roller skating through the collection of artifacts, photographs, archival materials and other skating memorabilia. The museum contains the largest collection of historical roller skates, dating to 1819, in the world. It's located at 4730 South Street, Suite 2 and is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (although closed now through Jan. 1 for the holidays). Admission is free.

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Bill's Hints

Freezing weather
“If camped in below freezing weather, make sure that you have a propane torch and a 'heat tape' that can be used to safely thaw pipes and fittings. An electric hair dryer works fine.”
 --From Motorhomes Made Easy


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The RV Kitchen

Rummy Sweet Potatoes
You’ll need 8 to 10 cups of sweet potatoes for this dish, so make them from scratch or use the equivalent in canned sweet potatoes. Large, #10 cans of sweet potatoes are found in big-box stores and some supermarkets. Use amber-colored rum, not dark nor white rum. This is a big dish, a good choice for a campground potluck.

Get the recipe.

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In our Forum

Inflating inner dualy tires in a diesel pusher
We had the RV weighed, instead of the 80 we had the tires at, they are supposed to be at 105. No problem with the fronts or the two outer dualy tires. But, cannot get the inner back tires over 80, no matter what we do. Watched videos, made gauge to measure incoming air, bought new chuck to fill tires, no luck. So, is it best to let out all four back tires to 80 before driving to a truck tire center to see if they can inflate them, or is it OK to drive a few miles with the outer backs at 105 and the inners at 80? Does everyone have this much trouble with this seemingly simple task? Thanks for any help!!!
LP on the road?
We just purchased our first Class A motorhome. The dealer said we should keep the LP turned ON in order to keep the frig cold while driving. We were also told that it is dangerous if not illegal to do so. Which is it? Thanks for any help.

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The yo-yo is the second oldest toy after the doll. It has been around for more than 2,500 years and has taken on many forms in many countries. The word yo-yo means "come come" or "come back" in Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines, and was introduced to the American market when Pedro Flores, a Filipino immigrant, began producing and selling them in Santa Barbara, California.

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