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Weekend of January 26, 2013

Issue 570 of RV Travel

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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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I have stayed in a few RV parks this trip where the checkout time is 11 a.m. Nothing unusual about that, right? Par for the course. Now, 11 a.m. is the checkout rule at motels and hotels. They need time to make the beds and clean the toilets before the next guest shows up. Makes sense.

But RV parks? Personally, I have yet to find an RV park that offers to make my bed or clean my toilet before the next customer pulls in. When I de-park at 11 a.m., the site is ready for the next guy at 11:01. So why the early checkout? It's because few people in the RV park industry have figured out that's a crummy, unfair, stupid, ridiculous, customer-unfriendly time. What will it cost a park for me to stay an extra two hours? Hummm. . . let me think. Okay, I know: next to nothing!

But no, they want us gone ASAP, even though we pulled in the night before at dusk and plopped down half a day's wages with the idea of getting a good night's sleep -- maybe sleeping in -- and then lounging around with our coffee and croissants while the kids or grandkids play Marco Polo in the pool.

And what about the campsites at RV parks? First off, you'd think a park could make them level. Is that too much to ask? As I recall, the last hotel I stayed in had level floors. I believe Motel 6 has level floors.

AND DO YOU THINK that maybe the park could do something to increase the distance between campsites (and yes, I know that's not always easy)? I hate trying to sleep while listening to the guy next door break wind all night. I stayed in an RV park this trip in Las Vegas. Here's how it's described on its website: "Shaded by oak and pinzanata trees. . . it provides a dramatic contrast to 'The Strip' just six miles away." Sounds good. But check out the photo of my campsite. Now, isn't it lovely? I love the way the park provides enough space for me to open my front door without banging my neighbor's slideout. And what exactly is a pinzanata tree?

Here's my suggestion: let's start a movement. The next time you use an RV park, ask the checkout time before paying. If it's 11 a.m. tell them you will gladly oblige if they will make your bed and clean your toilet before you depart. If they won't, then move on; tell them you will stay at Wal-Mart where you can remain all day if you want, and for free. And if they put you in a site where you can hear the guy next door hacking and snoring all night, then when you leave tell the manager that the spaces are too cramped and you will never return. And if they give you a site that's not even close to level, ask for another one, or request a 50 percent discount for hill camping, or demand a bulldozer.

P.S. My daugher has returned to New York City to college. We had two wonderful weeks on the road together. I'll write about it later.

Oh, yes. . . I have been attending the HUGE Quartzsite RV show the last couple of days. Here's a two-minute video I made today. It will give you an idea of how large this event is. It's the biggest RV show I have ever attended. . .

If you have a comment about this essay or anything in this issue, please feel free to leave it at our forum.

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kgjThe year 2012 goes down in Airstream's book as its best year ever. Sales for the sleek trailer-and-motorhome builder were up 16 percent from 2011, led by a 28 percent increase in Class B motorhome sales. Airstream has been in business for 81 years.

A Victoria, Texas man had a really bad day recently: Convinced people were shooting at him, James Holt was arrested for firing his shotgun at the drug-inspired phantom shooters in his RV, and in the process evidently catching the RV's curtains on fire.

Burley, Idaho parks officials are hoping their application for a state grant will translate into a 10-site RV park with bathrooms and a shower room. If successful, the city would match the $250,000 grant funds for the new park to be built on Bedke Blvd.

Florida Gulf Coast businesses are reporting that snowbirds are making their winter "off season" a blessed season. Many offer steep discounts through March.

KOA is looking for workkampers, and says it has scheduled a Work Kamper Boot Camp for March 20 in Branson, Missouri. Work Kamper members can attend free, non-members pay $20 but get a night of camping and free lunch. Learn more.

Quartzsite, Arizona is buzzing with thousands of visitors at the peak of the show season. Last week cellular carrier AT&T took the hit from increased use and cellular service went down for visitors and vendors alike. Customers of Verizon Wireless were not affected by the outage.

Monticello, Indiana's big tourist draw — Indiana Beach Amusement Resort — is in financial hot water. The outfit, owned by financially troubled Morgan RV Resorts, owes the county nearly $350,000 in back property and innkeeper's taxes.

A Phoenix, Arizona Air Force veteran and his family have it tough: Thomas Graley lost his job, had his house foreclosed on, his car repossessed. He and his wife handed over their last $1,000 to purchase a motorhome off a Craigslist ad to use as a home. Driving it away from the sellers, the motorhome engine caught fire and the rig was totaled. Graley had not yet insured the RV.

Retail sales of towable RVs last November were flat — up less than one percent compared to the same month in 2011. Worst hit, park model sales were down nearly 35 percent, followed by pop-up sales, down 19 percent. Source: Statistical Surveys Inc.

Outraged residents in Del Rey Oaks, California don't want an RV resort built on a closed city-owned golf course. They've collected 180 signatures on a petition they presented to the City Council who claimed to be in the dark on the proposal.

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2013 Good Sam
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More News

Reports of RV fires are coming in from all across the country, typical for this time of year. Often the cause is traced to improper use of space heaters. If you use a space heater in your rig, don't leave it unattended and be sure to keep it clear of combustibles.

After a two-year closure, Tamarisk Grove Campground in California's Anza Borrego Desert State Park is open again. Visitors will find new ramadas, updated showers, and fresh "campground furniture." Bring your own drinking water.

California residents expecting a tax refund of at least $195 can use it to buy an annual pass to Golden State parks. The new pass will give holders free day use access to about half of all the parks in the system. Campground fees still apply.

Canada's national park system, Parks Canada, has proposed raising fees to counter budget cuts, including winter closures. Reactions to both fee hikes and closures have been swift: An "Occupy Winter" movement saw Canadians demanding re-openings; even conservative lawmakers are leaning on park officials after taking flak from constituents.

Canadians are buying towable RVs in greater numbers. November sales from the same period in 2011: Travel trailers up 41.7 percent; fifth wheels up 31.3 percent; park trailers grew 82.4 percent, and pop-ups gained a little more than five percent. So says Statistical Surveys, Inc.

Cocktails and bingo anyone? LVM Resort in Las Vegas will put on the ritz for the American Coach Association's Second Annual Western Region Rally, January 31 through February 4. Catch the Super Bowl in the clubhouse.

On this date in history:
January 26
Compiled by Dell Bert

1875: The electric dental drill is patented by George F. Green.
1915: Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is established.
1920: Former Ford Motor Company executive Henry Leland launches the Lincoln Motor Company which he later sells to his former employer.
1939: Filming begins on "Gone With the Wind."
1954: Ground breaking begins on Disneyland.
1958: Ellen DeGeneres is born.
1961: "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Elvis Presley peaks at number one.
1992: The Americans with Disabilities Act goes into effect.

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Prep meals at home for RV use.
A simple way to conserve water when you're not hooked up.

Laid Back Luxury
on the Emerald Coast

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is one of the top rated resorts in the country. With top of the line amenities, incredible staff and exquisite lots, this Class A-only resort is just minutes from the sugar-fine sands of the Alabama Gulf coast. Come see how they live at Bella Terra of Gulf Shores by visiting its website BellaTerraRVresort.com or by calling one of the resort representatives at (866) 417-2416.

What tire valve should you use?
Our RV tire expert Roger Marble writes: "We have discussed valves previously but this time I want to give you some facts and numbers to help you buy the correct valve for your application. Basically there are two criteria you have to get right: the size hole in the wheel and the cold pressure spec for the tire inflation." Read more.

National Parks: Will cell phone towers be coming soon?
In a move that will no doubt deeply stir emotions, Yellowstone National Park managers are giving consideration to allow a new cellular communications tower in the park. Presently cell phone and other electronic device users have little or no access to the wireless world from America's first national park, but that could change. Do you want electronic ring tones to spoil the quiet of your park visit, or do you find yourself feeling unplugged if your iPad gives you blank looks for want of an Internet connection? Read more.

Fulltime RVers: What do they miss the most?
There's a lot of talk among "wantabe" fulltimers about the great things the fulltime lifestyle has to offer. "But," one wantabe pondered, "what do fulltimers miss now that they've given up the sticks and bricks lifestyle?" He did an informal survey of fulltimers (and those who used-to-be) and the results may interest you — maybe even sway you.

One pot meals — less cleanup, more flavor
Rich Miller, the Wanderman, is pretty much grounded from RVing this winter in his homestate of New York. So he's taking a break from his do-it-yourself RV projects and having some creative fun in the RV kitchen. Read his current installment.

Hybrid Furnace!
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Do old RVs burn up because of outdated electrical systems?
Recently an RVer with a 1989 motorhome tried making a reservation in an RV park. When the reservation clerk learned the age of the unit, the RVer was told: "Sorry, but your rig is too old. Your electrical system just isn't compatible with our service and it would likely catch fire." He was told the park only allowed RVs that were no older than ten years. The RVer was left a bit shaken: Do older RVs burn up because of newer electrical services? Read more.

Would you believe Mini Cooper RVs?
Well, believe it. It happened in England. See some pics and learn more about these very cute (and little) recreational vehicles.

iPad user? This may be "the" RV GPS app you've dreamed of
Russ De Maris reviews a new GPS app from Rand McNally for the iPad. It's aimed at RVers, and according to Russ, it's hot stuff. Read his review.

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Can workamping and pets co-exist?
Our blogger Rene Agredano writes: "Prospective workampers wonder if workamping is difficult when you have pets. Based on my experience of working at several different locations since 2007, the answer really depends on the attitudes your employer has about animals in general." Read more.

California's #1 roving reporter dies
Huell Howser, the host for 19 years of the statewide PBS-TV series California Gold, has died at age 67. RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury wrote a tribute to the man that he considered a friend. Read Chuck's brief tribute.

Tour the Tiffin motorhome factory
The RV Geeks take you on a fascinating video tour of the Tiffin motorhome factory. See how these luxury coaches are made from start to finish.

America has a new National Park
America's newest National Park, its 59th, calls California home. Pinnacles National Monument became a National Park with a stroke of President Obama's pen on January 10. Pinnacles is the result of millions of years of erosion, faulting and tectonic plate movement. Within the park's boundaries lie nearly 27,000 acres of diverse wild lands. Visitors will find beauty and variety of its spring wildflowers and more than 400 species of native bees. The Pinnacles rock formations are a popular destination to challenge technical and beginner climbers alike. Read more.

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Latest fuel prices
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Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.30 (on January 25)

Change from week before: Up 5 cents
Diesel: U.S. $3.90 (on January 21)
Change from week before: Up 1 cent

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How level does an RV refrigerator need to be?

Dear Gary,
I understand it is recommended that RV refrigerators be level when operating, but how far "off level" can we keep the RV without damage to the refrigerator when the refrigerator is NOT in operation? I notice you recommend slightly off level for winter storage. --Pete S., (Redwood City, CA)

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The RV Shrink

Should he be banned from Florida State Parks?

Dear R.V. Shrink:
I’m married to a guy they call “Wild Bill.” Trust me, there is a reason for that nickname. Recently we drove our motorhome to Florida, arriving late on the Keys. We tried to find a camping spot at John Pennekamp State Park. It was dark, and the campground gate was already shut and locked. We drove in when the gate went up as a registered camper who had the combination went in. After a quick swing through the campground, and seeing no open spaces, "Wild Bill" decided we should just camp in the marina parking lot for the night and register in the morning. As it turns out they call that “defrauding the inkeeper” down here. We were rudely awakened at seven in the morning, issued a ticket for $80 and denied access to Florida State parks for six months. Don’t you think that is a little extreme? I know we crossed the line, but we were tired, willing to pay, and just wanted a safe place to spend the night.  --Busted for Boondocking

Read the Shrink's response.

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RV Short Stops
The National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Since 1953 the Corvette has been America's sports car. The National Corvette Museum was established to celebrate the invention of the famous Chevy sports car and to preserve its past, present and future. The museum is located across the street from the Corvette factory off I-65 at Exit 28. Visitors see Corvettes from the '50s through today as well as displays about the cars in everyday life and in racing. The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Time, except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. 

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RVing Route 66
Join RVer and filmmaker John Holod as he cruises the Mother Road from Chicago to L.A. by motorhome, with stops along the way at all the classic attractions. Even though the road was bypassed by Interstates, much of it is still there, and easy to drive with an RV. If you plan to travel this historic highway or have already done so, RV Adventure: Route 66 is for you. Learn more or order at a discounted price.

Odds and ends

Arizona RVer
Buffalo soldiers return to Fort Verde State History Park.

RV Wheel Life
Wow! Now here's an RV design worth pursuing.

Northwest RVer
Idaho's 5-1-1- cell phone service offers excellent travel information.

TODAY'S SECRET PHRASE: Milton had a crush on Babs but she loved stinky Ronald.

Letter to the editor

Dear Chuck,
Crossing the country in 2010 we paid an average of $25 per night for full hookups. In 2011, it was $30-$35. Last year we had a hard time keeping it under $40. We're not looking for a fancy "resort;" we don't even use the bathrooms. Why do campground owners add things that drive the cost up, and how can we find decent basic campgrounds at a reasonable price (other than combing through the entire Good Sam/Woodall's directory page by page before starting a trip? Boondocking is not an option for us. --Michelle Bond

Dear Michelle,
Yes, prices are up, not just RV parks but also public parks. A few ideas: Don't rely heavily on the Trailer Life Directory (now called the Good Sam Directory). Use RVparkReviews.com: the info about parks is excellent. You'll be able to determine which low cost parks are good from other RVer's comments. Join Passport America. It offers half price camping across the USA. Do NOT join the group "Ultimate RVing," which advertises "cheap camping" heavily on the Web: everything I have heard about it is bad. Consult FreeCampgrounds.com to learn about many free and low-cost city parks, mostly in the Midwest. Fairground campgrounds, too, are often inexpensive as I explain in a video. I know you do not wish to boondock, but staying for free in a Wal-Mart parking lot on occasion can keep your average daily cost down.

Just published.
Guide To The Firearm Laws of the 50 States
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Joke of the week
Q:Why couldn't the pirates play cards?
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