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Weekend of February 23, 2013

Issue 574 of RV Travel

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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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You may recall (if you have been reading this newsletter for awhile) that in 2011 I spent a week RVing in Iceland. My vacation destination was Cambridge, England, but because I flew Icelandair, the official airline of Iceland, for no extra charge I was able to de-plane in Reykajvik and then reboard for the second leg of the trip a week later. So my companion Kathy and I decided to explore the island-nation for a week.

What a wonderful week it was! We rented a campervan in Reykajvik from Happy Campers (good people) and spent the next week circling the island on its 900-mile ring road, an excellent, mostly paved (about 99 percent) two-lane road that circles the island. The scenery is magnificent. One minute it looks like Scotland, then 20 minutes later like Mars. And spectacular waterfalls are everywhere!

The coastline is dramatic and gorgeous. The little towns are picture perfect, usually with at least one cafe and hotel. A "big" town is 500 people. In between towns, you will come upon a lonely N1 gas station. With its small store and cafe, it's a gathering place for the local farmers. For tourists, it's a place to stop for coffee or chat with the locals.

MY REASON FOR WRITING ABOUT ICELAND is to urge any of you who are headed to Europe this summer to consider a stopover there. Icelandair does not fly to very many U.S. cities (I'm lucky that one of them is Seattle), but it usually offers among the lowest fares to and from the U.S. and Europe. So even if Icelandair does not serve your airport, perhaps you can make a connection.

But even if you are not headed to Europe, consider adding an RV trip in Iceland to your Bucket List. Believe me, you will never forget it. I once spent three weeks RVing in New Zealand, which is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, but, mile per mile, Iceland is equally impressive. And, here's the surprising part: Iceland's 300,000 citizens are RV-crazy! There are more campgrounds per capita in Iceland than in the USA by a long shot (and all inexpensive). As you drive through the small villages you will notice RVs in many driveways — small class C-type motorhomes, travel trailers and pop up trailers.

It's an easy country to visit. Virtually everyone speaks perfect or near perfect English. And they love Americans (and Canadians, of course). Reykajvik, the capital, is a beautiful small city (200,000 of the nation's 300,000 citizens live there). We stayed at a combination campground/RV park right in the heart of the city. Walk next door to a public spa. Or drive an hour out of town to the Blue Lagoon, perhaps the most famous thermal pool in the world. Kathy is a knitter and was in heaven visiting Reykajvik's yarn shops: Iceland is famous for its wool.

Concerned about safety? Iceland is about the safest place on the planet. The year before we visited, the country had experienced one murder — that's in a full year!

And don't worry about freezing, it's not the North Pole! While summer temperatures are generally in the 60s, and even low 70s, they also can dip lower with winds, so a good jacket is absolutely necessary. Reykajvik is actually warmer in the winter than New York City because of ocean currents.

I'm headed to Europe again this summer for a few weeks and will again fly Icelandair. But this time I will pass right through Iceland, stopping only to change planes. It will be painful to not stay awhile. Maybe next year. One week there is just not enough. I think of my trip two years ago as a "snack." I need to return for the full meal deal.

Photos: Top Blue Lagoon and Gulfoss, Europe's largest waterfall. Below that, Reykajvik and the Ring Road. Bottom: Kathy returns from a visit to a huge glacier, and, finally, our cute little "home sweet RV home."

P.S. Check out my new ELECTRIC Jacket! You read that right — ELECTRIC! At the push of a button, the jacket heats up to keep you warm. It's like wearing an electric blanket (except it fits a whole lot better!). I've been test-driving the jacket for two weeks now and love it! I wrote about it in last weekend's Great RV Accessories newsletter.

If you have a comment about this essay or anything in this issue, please feel free to leave it at our forum.

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kgjU.S. National Parks saw an increase in visitation during 2012, up almost four million from 2011. The 283 million visitors were the largest crowd since 2009. RV overnighters amounted to 2.12 million – down compared to 2011's 2.15 million.

Despite agreeing to adopt standards for tow-capacity tests, only one pickup manufacturer walks the talk. Toyota has adopted SAE tow test standards which all retailers in the U.S. agreed to do for 2013 models. America's Big Three say they distrust that their competition will fairly apply the test standards.

South Dakota State Parks have begun taking reservations for Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday, February 23 is the earliest day to reserve for Friday May 24. Visit www.campsd.com or call 800-710-2267.

The California State Parks' money scandal has netted its first financial judgment. Former department official, Manuel Thomas Lopez of Granite Bay, Calif., will pay a $7,000 fine in a plea agreement after illegally authorizing vacation buyouts that cost the state some $285,000 — all when officials were claiming a budget crisis.

Want a half-ton pickup with a diesel engine? Chrysler says come fall you can buy a standard-duty Ram 1500 with a diesel power plant. Chrysler hopes to draw in 10,000 new customers in the first year of sales.

New import to India: Motorhomes. The Italian made motorhome is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis and is shipped knocked-down into India where it's assembled. Equipped with galley, refrigerator, chemical toilet, showerand luxury bedroom it will set back buyers seven and a half million rupees. That's $139,000 U.S.

An Australian RV company that was found guilty of copyright infringement has changed its name. Avida Motorhomes had called itself Winnebago Australia until the American RV firm took it to court last year.

Pro-footballers The Dallas Cowboys have a new playing field: Club owner Jerry Jones recently purchased a well-outfitted Prevost Marathon Coach. The luxury RV has been christened The Elegant Lady.

Guests at Corning, California's Lazy Corral Trailer Park were temporarily evacuated Friday, February 15 when a motorhome propane leak caught fire. Excitement grew as a number of boxes of ammunition in the rig started going off.

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More News

A new Florida law requiring foreign drivers to have an international driving permit has raised havoc for snowbirds from Canada. Canadian officials report being swamped with requests for permits. At the same time, a possible conflict with the Geneva Convention on road traffic has caused the Florida Highway Patrol to stop enforcing the law.

Retail diesel prices hit the ceiling at $4.157 per gallon, the highest since August 2008. Diesel is now 19 cents per gallon higher than the same week in 2012.

Spring break is on the way, and Texas campgrounds are getting ready. Parks are bringing in golf carts, ice cream, firewood, paddle boats and rental bikes. The "season" could run from March 7 through the 24th due to varying school break schedules.

Hurricane Sandy has benefitted RV dealers. Dealers at the recent RV show at Atlantic City, New Jersey say some storm-displaced residents came shopping for RVs, tired of living in hotels.

A Louisiana RV owner, Dan J. Bailey, Jr., has filed suit against National Interstate Insurance Company. Bailey's RV was storm damaged in June, 2012. His repair shop estimated nearly $17,000 in required repairs. National Interstate paid him $684.34 and refuses to pay more.

On this date in history:
February 23
Compiled by Dell Bert

1896: The Tootsie Roll is introduced by Leo Hirshfield.
1927: President Calvin Coolidge creates the Federal Radio Commission (FCC).
1944: John Sandford, American novelist is born.
1945: U.S. Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima.
1974: Patty Hearst, daughter of publisher Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped by the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army).
1975: In response to the energy crisis, daylight saving time commences nearly two months early in the U.S.
1997: Scientists in Scotland announce they succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb named "Dolly."

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Unique vintage fifth wheel now up for sale
Looking for an unusual fifth wheel? Here's the 1938 Curtiss Aerocar, and it comes complete with its own tow vehicle. It's not cheap, but, heck, you could spend a lot more for an RV these days. But one thing is for sure. Not many other RVs will attract as much attention in the campground. Read more and see photos.

January RV recalls issued by Feds
The list is fairly long for January. Check here to see if your RV, it's tow vehicle or one of its appliances or aftermarket devices needs to be fixed. Learn about the recalls.

. . . AND RELATED. Forest River recalls many motorhomes for a potentially dangerous situation.

Off main road with your RV — getting unstuck
Boondocking away from "civilization" in your RV is a great way to get away from noise and hassles and bring you closer to nature. It can also provide its own set of challenges: Getting your rig stuck off the road is an example, and one you really don't want to experience.
Read more.

There's a reason for a tire failure beyond where it's made
Our RV tire expert Roger Marble writes. "In my training class for tire engineers and technicians, a concept I feel is important is discovering the 'Root Cause' or real reason for the failure. There is a difference between reporting or simply stating the condition of a tire such as 'a Blowout' and the reason for the condition. If you don't understand the underlying reason for the tire's condition or what initiated the series of events that led to the failure, then the corrective action you take, may not prevent another failure." Read more.

Hybrid Furnace!
With this UL certified RVIA compliant system the RV owner has the option of simply flipping a switch to use either Electric, or Gas as a source to heat their coach along with the manufacturer installed central forced air heating system. Gas or Electric at the flip of a switch. Learn more.

ABCs of RV shopping: Towables (part 2)
In our discussion about towable RVs we've talked about travel trailers and toy haulers. Now let's talk about two other towables, fifth wheels and pop-ups.

How to install a Dirt Devil CV1500 RV central vacuum system
Mark Polk recently installed a Dirt Devil CV1500 All-In-One Central Vacuum System in an RV. It's a straightforward process for the do-it-yourselfer. Once installed, it makes vacuuming an RV effortless. If you're interested in purchasing the system, it's available at Camping World for $399. Watch the video.

Stop that SeaLand toilet seal leak
Many RVers have the popular SeaLand RV toilet. Sad to say, like other RV toilets, occasionally the SeaLand gets a bit cranky and begins to show signs of age. A typically reported problem is the water in the bowl vanishing mysteriously, sometimes accompanied by an unwelcome blast of odor from the holding tank. Here's what some creative RVers have done to clear up a seal problem. Read more.

How long will a heater run on battery power?
Rich Miller, the Wanderman, ponders "How Long Can I Run My Heater On Battery Power Alone?" Read what he learned from his research.

Full-time RVer anxiety: Missing the grandkids
After years of living in proximity to the children and grandchildren, Mrs. RVer is ready to make a big jump into fulltime RVing. But with just a couple of days left before departure, that old separation anxiety is setting in. How about you? Does the thought of leaving loved ones behind cause you to drag your feet getting into the fulltime lifestyle? Here's some advice from those who've made the jump.

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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.72 (on February 22)

Change from week before: Up 10 cents
Diesel: U.S. $4.15 (on February 18)
Change from week before: Up 5 cents

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RV DoctorAsk the Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

Is a 34-foot motorhome too big to fit in many campgrounds?

Dear Gary,
I'm in the process of buying an RV. I think that I want a 34.5 foot Thor Palazzo. I keep hearing stories that with a rig this size you are limited to the places you can go, but I see lots of big rigs on the road...

Read the remainder of the question and Gary's response.



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The RV Shrink

Flaming the RV Fan

Dear R.V. Shrink:
I think I need a drink, but I am going to start with you. I just left a Camping World store in Texas. I think there is an old Country Western song called, “Happiness is Camping World in the Rear view Mirror.” I will be singing that for some time to come. Six months ago I had a Camping World store put a Fantastic Fan in my trailer. I also bought hitch bars from them. The fan motor (still under warranty) died and one day slowing to a toll booth all of a sudden my hitch bar dropped. Camping World told me they couldn’t honor another store's warranty...

Read the remainder of the question and the Doc's response.

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Strange odor in RV, but from where?
"We purchased a used motorhome and at the time of purchase we mentioned to the dealer of a strange odor in the coach. He cleaned the black water tank and still we have an odor. I'm not sure that it is a sewer smell. It seems that the smell is obvious immediately upon entering the coach. The sewer tank has been cleaned many times and many chemicals added. We are wondering if it possibly could be a smell from the washing machine. We have the stack washer and dryer. When we drain the tanks we can see through the clear hose that it is running clear. Any suggestions? Sure would love to get rid of that odor."
Drinking water from tank?
"Is it safe to drink the water from your tank if its water level has been volatile over a period of years?" Reply or read what others say.

To cover or not to cover a trailer
"I have looked around the web sites for trailers and I cannot find a good reason why a cover is needed for my trailer in the winter time. The places where you buy the trailers don't cover them. It just seems that the cover is more trouble than it is worth. Anyone know of any good reasons to cover trailers."

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RV Short Stops

America's smallest post office
Ochopee, Florida

America's smallest post office is in a tiny 56-square-foot building in Ochopee, Florida, population 11. Its lone mail carrier drives 132 miles a day to serve 950 residents along the route. There's enough parking for your RV, should you stop by. It's located along U.S. 41 at mile marker 71.9 along Alligator Alley, which connects Naples with Miami and passes through the Everglades. The building is not official post office design: it once served as a pipe shed for a tomato farm. But when the local general store burned down in 1953 it was converted to the town's post office. Stop by during business hours to buy a stamp, mail a letter or visit with the postmaster. Buy a "Smallest Post Office" postcard, too.

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Odds and ends

RV Arizona
Don't miss the Geo Cache Desert Bash at Cattail Cove State Park.

RV News Service
Airstream's Interstate keeps top Class B motorhome ranking for 2012.
RV Hall of Fame announces 2013 inductees.
Winnebago tops motorhome industry in 2012 volume growth.

RV Wheel Life
Arizona's Patagonia Lake State Park is birder's bonanza.

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TODAY'S SECRET PHRASE: Nasty McNasty, Jr., stole a kiss from Bertha the bongo drummer.

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Joke of the week
The police officer sees a car weaving back and forth down the highway, and takes off after it. He pulls up alongside and sees the driver is a woman, knitting as she drives. He can't believe it, and yells at her. "Pull over! Pull over!" And she yells back, "No, it's a scarf!"

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Because the architecture and chemistry of coral are very similar to those of human bone, coral has been used as grafts in helping human bones heal quickly and cleanly. Orthopedic surgeons use coral in bone grafts because the body readily accepts the coral, and the various muscles and tendons grow into the coral structure as if it were actual human bone.

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