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Weekend of April 13, 2013

Issue 581 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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Last weekend's reader survey results were interesting. About a third of you (excluding full-timers) do not store your RV on your property when you're not using it. It's often not by choice.

Some RVers simply do not have the space. Those with a short driveway or no driveway are often forced to store their RVs elsewhere. It's the same with most residents of apartments and condos. But more and more, storing an RV at home is prohibited by law. Virtually every week another community in the USA outlaws parking on city streets and often on private property. The laws may be enacted because residents have complained of ugly RV-eyesores or because an RV parked at a curb presents a traffic hazard. It could also be because poor people park their usually-junky RVs on city streets, often one in front of another. While most of these people are law-abiding and just trying to get by, some are involved in crime. Others dump their sewage right into the gutter (yes, it happens!).

I always advise would-be RVers to check their local laws before buying an RV. Learn if it's legal to park a recreational vehicle on their property. Even if it is, it's a good idea to ask around to see if there's talk of legislation banning the practice. Have you ever tried to find somewhere to store an RV? It's often difficult. And even when you find such a place — typically a storage locker facility — it may be miles away and the rent up to hundreds of dollars a month.

If you currently keep your RV on your property, do your neighbors a favor and keep your RV looking good. Don't cover it with a blue tarp (which can harm your RV by rubbing off its paint during high winds). Keep it off grass, where weeds will grow high underneath. Instead, lay a gravel or paved pad. Do whatever it takes to ensure your RV is not an eyesore. Parking an ugly RV in plain sight is not respectful of your neighbors. It could even prompt local legislation banning parking on private property altogether.

P.S. Check out the great prize in today's Knowledge Quiz — a solar-powered lantern. We're giving away more of them as prizes in our RV Daily Tips Newsletter. This lantern is worth $54.95.

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What causes more accidents than texting while driving? Daydreaming. Erie Insurance Group studied fatality accident reports and found drivers are five times more likely to crash when daydreaming than while texting.

Wanted: A family of four or more who enjoys RVing for a new show, "RV Roadtrip". All expenses will be paid for the family chosen for a dream road trip. Send family photo and description, and explain why you'd be great for the show, to castings@wagtv.com by April 19.

The Family Motor Coach Association says it expects more than 2,000 rigs to attend its June 19–22 national gathering in Gillette, Wyoming. This will be the first "Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase" in Gillette by the FMCA.

Has your motorhome been crash-tested? Bailey Motorhomes of the U.K. says it has completed a series of crash tests to check braking systems and body shell strength. Testers used dummies for authenticity and found the shell survived well, but passengers need better protection inside coaches against furniture that may shift in transit or have sharp edges.

Camp free for one night in Ohio's state parks April 18. Only Jackson Lake and Strouds Run state parks will not be participating in the offer. To reserve a site call (866) 644-6727 — reservation fees will still apply.

Currently, RVers can live in their rigs in Brownsville, Oregon, for 30 days during any 90-day period. Although the city council will soon require a permit to do so, there are no fees attached with it.

A proposed 150-site RV park at Massey's Landing in Delaware is under fire from a local homeowners association. The association claims park traffic would create gridlock, impact wildlife and wetlands, and increase crime "generated by large numbers of transient people with no vested interest in the surrounding areas."

For the first time in four years, there is no construction at the Crane Valley Dam that holds back Northern California's Bass Lake. Local business people are eager to let travelers know that things are back to normal. “We’re telling everyone that Bass Lake is full of fish, water and family fun,” said Leslie Cox, president of the Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce.

We've heard of “glamping,” but "vamping"? Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart of the "Twilight" vampire series fame say they'll be making a motorhome trip across Europe this summer. Italy, France, and Germany are on the stars' itinerary.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores
Opens Final Phase of Resort

One of the nation’s top RV Resorts, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores in Foley, Alabama, has opened the third and final phase of its luxury resort this spring with over 60 new waterside and woodland facing lots. These oversized Class A-only lots provide endless customization opportunities including outdoor kitchens, gazebos, fire pits and more. Come see how we live at BellaterraRVresort.com or call the resort team at (866) 417-2416.

More news

A California court judge has ruled that a driver using a GPS system on a mobile phone was guilty of "driving while using a cell phone." The judge concluded that using a phone for anything is a violation of the intent of the law and keeps the driver distracted.

RV dealers in Fife, Washington, (near Tacoma) say thieves are targeting them. Since December, dozens of RVs have been broken into and purged of their electronics.

The power is on, but trouble isn't over at Hidden Acres RV Park in Aransas Pass, Texas. We reported last week the park manager allegedly skipped town with residents' utility payments, causing a no-pay blackout. Now authorities say the manager hasn't paid for water in three years. The park's long-term residents may become homeless.

A British Columbia family is asking Parks Canada to pay for repairs to their RV which was crushed last summer by a falling tree in Banff National Park. The family's insurer says they'll only pay for damages from road accidents. Park officials say they may pay up — after seeing documentation.

Washington State Park officials have told state senate leaders their proposed budget "is almost certain to result in park closures." A plan to take the parks off the state budget by selling park passes flopped, resulting in staff cuts and maintenance backlogs.

Picture this: The National Park Service's National Historic Landmark Photo Contest wants your snapshots. Enter through July 9 here.

Pine Acres RV of Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, in business for less than a week, got a rude awakening: The company reports someone stole a new Spree travel trailer from its lot.

Winding Roads by Joe Schmidt

On this date in history:
April 13
Compiled by Dell Bert

1869: The steam power brake is patented by George Westinghouse.
1902: J C (James Cash) Penney opens his first store in Kemmerer, Wyo.
1934: 4.7 million U.S. families report receiving welfare payments.
1943: FDR dedicates the Jefferson Memorial.
1957: Due to lack of funds, Saturday mail delivery in the U.S. is temporarily halted.
1970: Apollo 13 announces "Houston, we've got a problem!" as Beech-built oxygen tank explodes en route to Moon.
1976: The two dollar bill is re-introduced as U.S. currency.

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How Black Streaks Happen
and how to get rid of them. . .
Black streaks result from dirt and airborne pollutants on your RV roof that are dislodged by rain or rinsing only to stick to the sides of your RV. Aluminum, in particular, has an oily porosity that helps dirt and pollutants bond.

Topics of last week's RV Daily Tips Newsletter

Flexible solar panels: worry-free sun power.
Make sure your RV's countertop sinks are not leaking.

Need Water? Get an extra bladder!
What to do when your RV power plug begins to fail.

The ABCs of "camping" at Wal-Mart.
How to test for RV-safe toilet paper.

Is age slowing your response time? Practice!
Is adjusting an RV slideout a do-it-yourself project?

Caretaking is one way to stretch your camping dollars.
No storage space to store a vacuum in your RV? Some options.

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Motorhome shopping? Should it be gas or diesel?
Looking into buying a motorhome? A major decision is the power plant: Gas or diesel — which is better? Ask this question at the RV campfire and the arguments will run like "Ford versus Chevy." We'll try and break out a few pros and cons on each side of the issue, and leave the decision firmly in your lap. Read more.

Dutch RV insurance TV commercial. Get ready to laugh
If only we could make an RV commercial so charming, entertaining...and with such a wonderful, surprise ending. Watch this. It's only 30 seconds long. Click here.
New RVer asks: How can I safely pack my cupboards?
"How do you store stuff in your cupboards?" asks the new RVer. Fearful that the shifting and bumping of the road would cause grief (and broken crockery), the question becomes, how do you store your stuff safely? Would dining life on the road be limited to paper plates, Styrofoam cups, and plastic knives and forks? Happily, carrying stuff safely in your RV isn't as difficult as some might imagine. It just calls for a little forethought and planning. Read more.

Shopping for RV insurance: What all those terms mean
When it comes to buying RV insurance, it can be a bit tricky — the terms can be so daunting. Just what are you shopping for, and what does it cover? In this and our next installment, we'll walk you through some of the seemingly mysterious terms that come with RV insurance. Read more.

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How to go from winter's slumber to spring's reawakening
When winter begins to turn to spring, it's time to reawaken your sleeping bear (by that we mean your RV from its winter hibernation). Here's how the Wanderman, Rich Miller of New York, brings his motorhome back to life. He has some advice for others, which you might find both interesting and helpful.
Morning tire vibration: Do you feel it?
So you get up and after a nice hot cup of coffee you finish packing the motorhome. You have enjoyed the last couple of weeks at a real nice campground but now it's time to hit the road. The interstate is only a couple miles down the road, so you are soon on that nice smooth ribbon of asphalt. Then it hits you, just as it does almost every time you start out on a days drive: you feel that vibration. Is something wrong with your RV? Find out.

Tough times for Park Canada
While the U.S. National Park System is struggling with the fallout from the budget sequester, it appears the country's 'cousins' to the north are having their own problems. Parks Canada – the equivalent of the U.S. National Park Service – has run up a warning flag that buildings, visitor centers, and other park resources are troubled by a need for repair while struggling under budget cuts. Read more.

You've heard of a teardrop trailer.
How about a teardrop motorhome?

Here's a photo of yesteryear of such a vehicle. We know little about this motorhome, but it sure is cute. See the pic.

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Overall, how would describe the performance of the WiFi in RV parks where you've stayed?
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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.54 (on April 12)
Change from week before: Down 10 cents
Diesel: $3.97 (on April 8)
Change from week before: Down 2 cents

Essential for owners of large RVs!
2013 Big Rigs
Best Bets Campground Directory

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RV DoctorAsk the Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

Fabric replacement around slideout edges

Dear Gary,
I have a 2003 Safari Zanzibar and want to redo the fabric around the slideout edges. It appears that the few screws on the front are not the only ones holding this trim on. Are they also attached from the back? How do I get to them? I enjoy your column. We have been RVing since 1967. Keep up the good work! — King F., (Anderson, SC)

Read Gary's response.



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Questions for the editor
. . . and his responses

RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury answers questions from readers Lee Hatfield, Robert Venice and Bob Hazlett — one about how to afford taking up RVing, another about "unfriendly RV overnight parking locations" and finally one about a technique at an RV sanitary dumping station.


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The RV Shrink

RVer mimics being a foreigner to gain campground favors

Dear RV Shrink:
I don’t think you have heard this one before. I read about a lot of women questioning their husband's actions after retiring. Since we've started RVing, my husband is a nut in a good way. Yet sometimes I also wonder if he is going off the deep end. His newest hobby is pretending to be a foreigner. It’s his opinion that foreigners get better treatment at the state and national parks we visit. When things get dicey and we may not be able to get a campsite, he becomes a Frenchman. He can’t speak French he just makes up his own words with a French accent. After babbling on and acting confused, the ranger usually just finds someplace for us to park and we have to be French for a few days or not speak to anyone. This week we are German. I talked to him about his behavior and he did stop for awhile….

Read the remainder of the question and the RV Shrink's response.

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Joke of the week
What did one shark say to the other while eating a clownfish?
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2012 Milepost Directory
DVD: RVing Alaska with Joe and Vicki Kieva
Traveler's Guide to Alaska Camping
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More Alaska Books

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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

It's spring: check your propane gas system
Have your LP gas system inspected every spring before using the RV. Take your RV to a qualified service center and let them check the LP gas system for proper appliance operating pressure and check for leaks. Familiarize yourself with the odorant added to LP gas to assist you in detecting a leak, and what to do in case one happens. How much LP gas your RV holds can be confusing. People often refer to it in gallons and/or pounds. You may have heard somebody say that the gas cylinders on their travel trailer are 30 lb. cylinders, or they may say their cylinders hold seven gallons apiece. One gallon of LP gas weighs 4.26 pounds. All LP gas cylinders and tanks are only filled to 80 percent of their capacity to allow for expansion when the temperature around the container rises.

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Guide To The Firearm Laws of the 50 States
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RV Short Stops

Jimmy Hula's
Winter Park, Florida

Jimmy Hula's, at 2522 Aloma Avenue in Winter Park, is the result of more than 50 years of global travel, embracing local cultures and finding the best surfing in the world. Everywhere Jimmy traveled, he brought back special recipes and practices to expand his arsenal of delicious eats including Voodoo Tacos, Volcano Nachos and Caribbean Paseo Pork. Touted as the best fish tacos and burgers in Florida, the flagship restaurant is Jimmy's first permanent mark on the world. Jimmy Hula's promotes sustainable products and through its foundation contributes to clean environmental and ocean initiatives. A second Jimmy Hula's recently opened in the University of Central Florida area.

More great RV Short Stops

National Park Service Camping Guide
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Bill's Hints

Right hand lane
“A good motorhome driver drives the right hand lane, except for passing or making room for vehicles merging from on-ramps.” —From Motorhomes Made Easy


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The RV Kitchen

Cornhusker Cole Slaw

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, try this new twist on a traditional picnic staple. Miniature ears of corn are found in the Asian food section.

Cookbooks for RVers: Big selection at RVbookstore.com.

Hosted by RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury
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Last week's Zip Codes: 05620, 19930, 46323, 02833, 21076. Remember, these Zip Codes can appear again at any time.

Ask an RV technician

Does my roof need recoating?

QUESTION: "I have a 2005 Wildcat fifth wheel. Last Saturday I used the Thetford roof cleaner on the unit and when I finished and got down off the roof, I noticed what looked like a huge amount of small white particles that washed off the roof. Is this a sign that the roof is going bad or just normal wear and tear?  I noticed there were some areas that the black is starting to show through on the roof.  Should I consider having it recoated or is it too late? There are no cracks in the rubber." —Bill Cost

Answered by Chris Dougherty, RV Medics of New England:
"The problem you’re having is common, but it needs some attention. An EPDM roof (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) has layers. The top layer is white with a thicker black layer underneath. What you’re seeing is the top layer wearing or oxidizing, exposing the lower structural layer. While this is not a sign that you need to replace the roof, I would certainly apply one of the many EPDM coatings on the market, which will restore the white layer. It is good that you don’t have any cracks yet, and applying a coating will help keep it this way."

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Clint Eastwood wrote the musical scores for "The Bridges of Madison County", "Absolute Power", "Mystic River", and the 2005 Oscar-winner "Million Dollar Baby". And you can catch him singing lead vocals on the Johnny Mercer song "Accentuate the Positive" on the soundtrack of his movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". He began his professional music career in 1961 with a single called "Unknown Girl". Two more singles followed in the next three years, as well as the release of an LP titled "Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites."

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Guide to Winterizing Your RV
Better Business Bureau Guide to Buying an RV
Guide to Class C Motorhomes

Odds and Ends

Texas RVer
April in Texas is for the birds (and birdwatchers!).

RV News Service
Manchester propane tank recall could affect RVers.


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SECRET PHRASE. Again, Mama ate too much red licorice. Willie said she was a licorice addict.

QUICK TIP: Replaced your detectors lately? Pull your smoke, LP, and carbon monoxide detectors down and check their labels. Detectors are "good" within a certain date, and even if they seem to be "working" after the expire date, don't risk it — replace them.

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Random RV Thought
Don't forget to keep a fly swatter in your RV. An option to getting rid of a fly is to open a door or window to let the fly flee. But that's gambling: instead of the fly flying out, two of its buddies may fly in. And then you have a fly-fest, which nobody wants. So a fly swatter is the way to go.

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Worth Pondering
"An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her." —Agatha Christie

Military Campground Directory
The U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory CD-Rom runs on your Windows computer. Unlike a printed directory, this one is updated every month — so no more arriving at a campground to learn “things are different now!” With this handy CD-Rom you do not need an Internet connection to get to the latest details on every known U.S. military campground. Learn more or order for 15% off.

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