About RVtravel.com and its staff

This website, founded in 1999, grew out of Out West: The Newspaper That Roams, a folksy travel newspaper editor Chuck Woodbury published in the ’90s from his motorhome as he explored the American West. His daily musings, which he published in the quarterly “on-the-road” tabloid newspaper, earned him the eventual distinction of being labeled one of America’s first “bloggers.”

The early days in the Nevada desert, typing on a battery powered computer with battery powered printer.

Out West was unique in its time and attracted substantial media attention. The newspaper and Woodbury were profiled on ABC World News Tonight, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, NPR and in hundreds of newspapers and periodicals including the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and People Magazine. For six years, his “on-the-road” articles appeared in major newspapers throughout the USA and the World via the New York Times Syndicate.

Woodbury’s folksy on-the-road newspaper.

Woodbury founded what was to become RVtravel.com with a $30 investment, not sure exactly what the website would become. But he sensed, with his experience in traditional publishing, that the World Wide Web would be big some day and he wanted to be a part of it. The subject he knew best: RVing! He was off and running!

These days, Woodbury is based near Seattle, but spends the year exploring North America in his 32-foot motorhome with his partner, Gail Meyring. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD “Buying a Recreational Vehicle,” the definitive guide to purchasing an RV the right way (available in many public libraries). He was awarded the Distinguished Achievement in RV Journalism award for 2013 by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

A talented staff of RV enthusiasts and RVing experts keeps this website and newsletter running. More than 60,000 readers start their Saturday mornings with each new edition of the RV Travel Newsletter. Many of our subscribers value the website and newsletter so highly that they pledge one time or ongoing voluntary subscriptions, which are a major source of our funding.

Our writers post new articles daily. Now, in late 2017 we are continuing to import (and update) more than 15 years of content from our old website. When we are catch up, RVtravel.com will include approximately 5,000 articles on every conceivable subject related to RVs and the RV lifestyle (we have about 3,600 currently). And yet we will keep more articles coming, some inspired by suggestions from our readers, many of whom have become friends through the years.

We also publish NewRVer.com, the “Beginners Guide to RVing” for RVers just getting started.

You can reach editor Chuck Woodbury at chuck (at) RVtravel.com .

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