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Comments for Are air brakes for you?

  • Just so the non-mechanically inclined among us aren’t alarmed by the statement in this article about a leaking hydraulic system, they need to know that modern hydraulic brakes have a dual master cylinder system that separates the front and rear brakes. If you have a leak in one system, the other will continue to operate. Your brake system warning light will also come on to let you know that it’s time for some serious service work, but you may already have been clued in to that by the fact that it took an extra amount of time and distance to make that last stop!

    Let’s all be safe out there

  • Statement in article that no endorsement required for rv air brake drivers is incorrect. If you live in PA you take a cdl test and get a class B endorsement.

    • Thanks for the point. We’ve updated the story to include a heads-up for readers.
      Russ De Maris, Senior Editor,