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Comments for Are you a flasher? LumiSign makes it easy

  • Don’t want to rain on the parade but an illuminated license plate frame will get you a citation in California. Simply put, generally only the lights that came with the vehicle from the factory are authorized. Lighted valve stems, lighted windshield squirters, lighted undercarriage, and non-standard colors on existing lamps are all verboten.

  • I could not find anything in the California Vehicle Code ( that prohibited lit license plate frames, only that the frames could not cover any part of the plate number or state. If you can cite the part of the vehicle code that pertains to lighted license plate covers I will post it here. I do not know what the rules may be in other states (though California tends to be more strict than other states). Any concerns about the legality of lit license plate covers where you live should be addressed to local law enforcement agencies.