Protect your valuables with AmazonBasics Security Safe

  Whether you’re a fulltimer, leaving for a long vacation, or simply heading out for the weekend, you will likely carry some valuables with you. With the AmazonBasics Security Safe you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prized and important possessions are protected. The compact safe offers a 0.5-cubic-foot capacity that nicely accommodates a wide... Read More

Camco Folding Grill Table sets up in seconds, folds to 6 in. tall

Camco’s Deluxe Folding Grill Table is a must-have accessory for any tailgate party or camping trip. This spacious grill table has a lightweight, high strength steel frame and an aluminum table top. The table is quick and easy to set up. Functional and foldable It is great for RVing, picnics, camping, sporting events, and backyards. The set up is a breeze... Read More

New product detects objects in driver’s blind spot

Just in time for spring, Rear View Safety has unveiled its new microwave blind spot sensor system designed for RVs and other large vehicles. The RVS-122 Microwave Blind Spot Sensor System, which places sensors behind the side paneling of the vehicle, requires no drilling to install. When activated, the driver is given visual and audio alerts when an object enters... Read More

Conserve water with Camco Shower Head

Whether you are a long-time boondocker or are just getting started, not wasting water is of primary importance in extending your RV trip before having to replenish your water and dump your holding tanks. And the biggest water waster for most boondockers is taking showers  (I assume you still take showers when boondocking). Turning off the water flow between soaping... Read More

Free up sticky zippers and snaps with Snap-Stick

Dirt and road grime play havoc with awning and screen room zippers, window sunshade snaps, and all exposed hinges. Frustrated RV owners often buy special tools just to open and close them, and occasionally damage the surrounding fabric when attempting to free the fastener. With Shurhold’s Snap-Stick, a few minutes of simple maintenance alleviates hours of irritation later. A unique, solid,... Read More

No automatic levelers? No problem with LevelMatePRO

In this age of technology advances, everything is getting smarter. Now it’s easier and more efficient to level trailers (and even drivable RVs when no automatic levelers are installed) with the LevelMatePRO, a wireless vehicle leveling system that utilizes Bluetooth® 4.0 to connect with your smartphone or tablet. The system allows you to know how much height is required to reach a... Read More

SolarHome 620 system: Light in the RV from the sun

BioLite’s SolarHome 620 is an off-grid solution that switches the lights on in your RV without pulling any amps from your house batteries. The 6-watt solar panel charges the 20-Wh battery throughout the day (about six hours of strong, direct sunlight), which in turn powers the three daisy-chained lights through the evening. String the three 100-lumen lights up around separate... Read More

Roof rack handles bulkier items, frees locker space

If you’re an active RVer you’ve likely discovered that there is never enough convenient storage. Things you need get hidden inside cramped storage lockers, taking up valuable space.  Some things – for instance, items you use in almost every campsite – can be stowed instead in a cargo carrier on the roof of your dinghy or tow vehicle where gear... Read More