How to avoid damaging slides when leveling an RV

So what’s the correct way to level your rig without damaging the slides — before or after they are extended? The safest (and most warranty-wise) answer: “Do what your rig’s manual tells you. Here’s a lift from a Keystone manual: The recreational vehicle must be level to avoid binding the slide-rooms. Remember, stabilizing jacks are not capable of supporting the... Read More

How to prepare for boondocking

By Bob Difley You can boondock as long as your on-board resources hold out. Basic equipment for dry camping (without hookups) includes: •A house battery separate from your starter battery. •Holding tank for fresh water. •Holding tanks for waste water from shower, sink, and toilet. Fortunately, all modern RVs have these features and most have separate holding tanks for water... Read More

Test RV Travel Quiz (Amperage)

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