Leaving home — a checklist for successful domicile abandonment

By Greg Illes Every RVer’s dream is to wander off, leaving home and hearth behind, on a weeks- or months-long meander through far unknown lands. Usually, a lot more attention is paid to RV preparation and where the trip will lead than to how well the old homestead might fare without daily supervision. After years of business and personal travel,... Read More

Close-space RV living with your mate

By Ray Burr, loveyourrv.com Thinking about full-time RVing with your significant other? If not fulltiming, how about extended RVing? Anne and I have been together over nine years and lived full-time in an RV for two. Thankfully, we’re very compatible and have grown even closer while RVing. We manage to cohabit in 180 square feet of living space. How do... Read More