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Comments for Basic voltage measurements at a campground pedestal

  • RE: Electrical power. On a 120vac circuit you may experience voltages as low as 108 and as high as 132. You should be OK (that is +/-10%

    On your 120V systems you may experience voltages from 108V to 132V (that is +/- 10%). I am talking reality here. On your 50A circuit, your RV has no 208/240V your RV has only 120V usage(the voltage is determined by whether you have a delta or wye transformer). Some parks that I have been in have the same leg on both sides of the 50A and this works just fine as long as the neutral is of sufficient size.

  • Both sides of a 50-amp outlet tied to a common hot leg feeding a dual 50 amp circuit breaker is a big problem since that can add up to 100 amps of neutral current in your RV’s shore power plug. I have pictures of Surge Protectors and Shore Power plugs with the neutral contact burned up from this scenario. Now if there’s a single 50-amp breaker feeding both sides of the outlet that will work and be safe. But that’s probably not going to happen.

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