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Comments for Big Tiffin motorhome recall: tow hitch may detach

  • We have a 2014 Allegro RED that after a year of really light use has seen a major failure of the seat covering material. The official warranty is one year and I didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem until after a year was up. Tiffin to there credit has sent me new upholstery but seems to want me to be responsible for paying someone to install it. I can’t, it will take an expert. Has anyone else had this experience and worked out with Tiffin to pay for the labor to replace the upholstery?

    • Yes. I took the dining room set to Red Bay and they replaced the covering with a better quality material that still resembles leather.

      When I asked about the problem on my 2014 Allegro, the technician told me that rolls of poor-quality materials were sent and used. Subsequently, the manufacturer of the materials replaced the rolls. The factory service center replaced all of this free of charge.

      On my way to Tiffin now and should arrive there on Monday to replace the rotating chair.

  • A friend of mine had the same problem with his 2015 Red, driver and copilot seats. Tiffin sent him the materials, he arranged to have the labor done locally and Tiffin paid the installer directly.