Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Mexico State Parks--A Boondocking Bargain

Mountains. Forests. Lakes. Deserts. Ancient cultures. Modern cities. Wow! With all that who wouldn’t want to go explore "The Land of Enchantment," as the NewMex tourist promotion folks call it. For boondockers, the state makes it possible by providing reasonably priced accommodations.

Roll your RV into any one of the state’s 28 parks that offer camping and boondockers pay $10 a night to "stay on." It’ll take far more than one or two nights to explore this vast state with all its nuances. Let’s say it take you two months, my pencil’s ready, ahhhhhh, lessee that’s $600 to stay those two months. Or would you rather pay $225 and be able to stay any time, for a whole year?

That’s the gist of the New Mexico State Park annual camping permit. The permit, which you can pick up at any New Mexico state park, allows for free camping in a "developed" site. You can (if you need) add an electrical hookup or sewage hookup for an additional $4 a night, or (perish the thought) add both for $8 a night.

In any event, the annual camping permit is a bargain--and it "starts" the day you purchase it, and runs for a full year. Some "annual permits" are sold on the calendar yearbasis, so if you went out and got one tomorrow, you’d have paid a full year’s money for 7 months of use. Check out the pass system on the New Mexico state park web site.

Photo courtesy of the New Mexico Tourism Department.

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