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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sliding hitches

In a recent post in the Fifth Wheels topic at the RVTravel Forum, a gentleman asked about towing with a sliding hitch in the rear position. It seems he had dented his pickup cab while parking his fiver for the first time. He had failed to move the slider. Here's an excerpt from my book on this subject:

The two main types of fiver hitches are stationary and sliding. As we mentioned in Chapter 6, sliding hitches may be necessary with short bed trucks to ensure enough clearance between truck cab and trailer nose when making tight turns. During normal operation, the hitch is positioned over the rear axle to ensure safe and balanced towing. It can be moved to the rear when necessary. This is done by stopping, releasing the slide handle, and then slowly pulling the truck forward while the trailer brakes are held using the brake controller. The hitch should lock in at the rear position, making it safe to maneuver into camp sites or negotiate sharp turns. The procedure is reversed to return the hitch to the forward towing position. It is not safe to tow at normal speeds with a sliding hitch in the rear position. This places the pin weight behind the rear axle, which can cause steering problems or instability with the tow vehicle.

PullRite makes a “SuperGlide” sliding hitch that automatically adjusts the spacing between the trailer and the pickup cab during turns, without requiring the driver to exit the vehicle and manually operate the slide. A similar hitch is the Hijacker AutoSlide. These may be worth checking out if you have a short bed truck. — Jerry Brown

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  • Jerry,
    I've used a Pullrite Super Glide on my GMC 2500HD SB for 3 years and it's a great aid to fifth wheel towing. We tow a modest size 25' Artic Fox fiver and I have been able to easily maneuver and make tight u-turns never having to worry about damaging my trailer or truck.
    I didn't even consider slide hitches that involve external manual activation, the Super Glide is totally automatic. This hitch also has a super safe locking mechanism which totally surrounds the pin with a spring loaded collar. There are no locking jaws which can open, when you hitch up and hear the spring loaded collar release you are solidly attached to your rig with minimal effort. I haven't seen a better hitch.

    By Blogger brs50, at 6:20 PM  

  • Jerry,
    Check out sidewinder pinbox from Fabex in Elkhart, Ind.Saw them at dealer show in Jan. Should elimanate need for slider.

    By Blogger bucky, at 7:07 AM  

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