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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Find Cheaper Diesel? Here's Where to Put It

With fuel prices becoming more than a major headache, when a fifth-wheeler can find lesser cost diesel, it's a great time to "stock up." But where to put it? A new 40-gallon 'fuel n tool box' might be the answer. Designed to sit in your pickup bed just aft the cab, Transfer Flow's "40 Gallon Toolbox" combines an auxilary diesel fuel tank and 5 1/2 cubic foot tool box.

The toolbox sits atop the auxilary tank, and the filler neck for the tank sits inside the toolbox lid, locked up and out of the way. Unlike "read the fuel gauge and remember to flip the switch" style tanks, however, this fuel tank system automatically senses the level of your truck's OEM tank and transfers fuel out of the "toolbox" and into your OEM tank. You don't need to think about it.
The Transfer Flow system is designed for domestic pickups over a fairly broad range of model years. While the tank system is retail priced at just under $900, you'll need to add anywhere between $16 to $27 additional for the appropriate filler neck adapter. Check out all the details on the Transfer Flow web site.

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