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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kitchen Faucet Replacement Is Easy !

I wanted to put in a new kitchen faucet with a spray attachment. Several people told me that I couldn’t just go to Home Depot and buy a faucet because it had to be a special RV faucet.

Well, I went to a RV dealership and the parts guy said, “I can sell you one for $150 or you can go to Home Depot and get one a lot cheaper.” So I did. And guess what? It fit perfectly, works well, cost less and looks great!

If you can assemble a toy, you can put in a new faucet. Here is what you do; first look under your sink and determine whether it has 3 holes. These holes will be 4 inches on center (so if you measure from the middle of the center hole to the center of the outside holes it should measure 4 inches on each side. From the center of the outside holes will equal 8 inches. So buy a faucet that will fit your sink. Next you assemble the tools you will need. You’ll need a flashlight, a pair of small channel-lock pliers and a 7/16 socket or nut wrench and some Teflon tape.Alright now go turn off the water to the coach (and the water pump) and go under the sink and unscrew the water supply and then unscrew the plastic retaining nuts on the existing faucet (pictured abobe), take it out and clean the surface of the sink. Use your thumbnail to scrape off the crud, don't use a razor blade on a fiberglass sink because it will scratch it.Next you insert the new faucet plate and screw on the plastic retaining nuts (hand tight is fine). Now you are ready to insert the faucet itself. HERE IS WHERE I MADE A MISTAKE. I didn’t think about putting the Teflon tape onto the faucet threads until after I put it in place. Soooooo, put the Teflon tape on BEFORE you put it in place because it is a tight space under your sink and hard to put on the tape while doing contortion exercises. After you put the faucet in place and secure it with the retaining washer you are ready to attach the hot and cold tubes. Just screw on the hot and cold water supply (be sure to hook the hot to hot and cold to cold – they may be marked like this - red = hot side, black or blue or no color tape = cold side). Attach the sprayer hose and tighten it with channel lock pliers – just get it snug, don’t torque it on until you break it off.

Now go outside and turn on your water supply and then start using your sink. There, wasn’t that easy? It took about 20 minutes. Jim



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