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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Portable RV Clothesline Rack

Pat and Jackie Malone have been full time RVers for over 16 years. They have had campers, motorhomes and now a 5th wheel. When asked which he likes best he prefers a motorhome when they are traveling a lot. He hates the set-up involved with a 5th wheel and much prefers the motorhome for ease of setup, however he says that you have to drive the motorhome at least monthly to keep all the mechanical parts working properly. He figures that if they sit too long things start to break, so since they are now spending more time in one spot they like the 5th wheel. He also likes the value and the roominess of the 5th wheel compared to a motorhome. This summer they will be work-camping in Alaska with lots of time to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors. In the meantime, they will still have to do laundry.
Jackie likes to hang clothes out to dry in the breeze, so Pat constructed this simple yet effective portable clothes line rack. It doesn't obscure much of the rear view and it's light weight. It's made out of PVC pipe and clothes line held in place by two bungee chords attached to the roof access ladder and to the outside of the clothesline where metal eye-bolts are bolted into the PVC. It is also secured at the base of the ladder by utility hooks that are permanently secured to the ladder by screws. Notice that a reddish colored bungee chord is wrapped up around the two PVC center pipes to hold it to the ladder. In this way the entire clothesline rack is held securely in place. You will notice that Pat drilled holes in the PVC pipe and then threaded the clothesline through the holes making a neat application. Tie a tight knot in the clothesline to secure it, then thread it through the holes and secure it at the opposite end with another knot. Pat says he stores it in the basement of the 5er because it is flat and flexible. He likes it much better than the kind that attach to the bumper (pictured above) because it holds more laundry and since he doesn't have a bumper this works out great. It also doesn't allow the clothes near the ground.All the parts for this project are readily available at your local hardware store. You can save energy and enjoy the freshness of air dried laundry all from the comfort of your RV.



  • Can you give me the instructions to build your clothes line

    By Blogger Kevin, at September 1, 2007 4:47:00 PM PDT  

  • Can you give me the instructions to build your clothes line

    By Blogger Kevin, at September 1, 2007 4:49:00 PM PDT  

  • I can't give them to you since I didn't build it, however it looks very simple. Don't glue the ends so you can break it apart for easy storage. All you will need for this is PVC pipe (3/4 inch) 4 PVC elbows, two eye bolts, some clothes line and some rubber snubbers. Tools are a saw to cut the PVC and a drill to make holes to weave the clothes line through. Make it whatever size you need. Professor Jim

    By Blogger Jim Twamley, at September 2, 2007 11:58:00 AM PDT  

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