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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Heater Vent Covers

Central heating vent covers are a pain! Just try to find them in an RV sales brochure. Most of the time they are covered by a rug, plant or an animal or something, but you rarely see them. That’s kind of funny, because they are right smack in the middle of most 5th wheels. In fact we step on them every day.

One of the problems with these central heating vent covers is that they break easily. They are especially vulnerable to high heels. Here is what happens when your wife walks down the center of the 5th wheel with her high heels on. You’re probably thinking, “Sheesh, you’re retired! Why would she even own a pair of high heels?” Good point, but in my research of the ancient world, I've discovered that women and a multitude of shoes have existed from the beginning. When Adam sewed together fig leaves in the Garden of Eden he probably made Eve a matching purse and shoes. Accessories are important you know!

My wife’s high heels aren’t the kind that fashion models wear, they are more broad based in the heel but still assert a lot of pressure per square inch.

Since most 5th wheels have slides, these vents have to be placed in the middle of the coach otherwise when the slides are in and you need heat (which happens when you are stopped in WalMart overnight or at a rest stop for lunch) the vents have to be between the slides right down the middle of the coach. There really isn’t anyplace else to put them. The answer is to install heavier duty (and nicer looking) vents. I haven’t made the plunge yet (they are anywhere from $50 to $75 a pop). So, until I find vent replacements I like (the major home stores don’t carry this size in the higher end vent covers), I’ll just have to make due. In the meantime, watch your step! Jim



  • I too have been irritated by the shoddy floor vents in my Class C motorhome. Even though mine are not plastic, they are such thin metal, I assume aluminum, that they bend out of shape when stepped on. In fact, the one in the bedroom at the foot of the bed has bent into a v shape with the middle going down into the duct itself. So far, I have been unable to find anything that appears to be sturdy and heavy duty enough to bother purchasing to replace the OEM ones. Another question I have is about stuff falling down thru the vent into the duct, including dirt. I have been wanting to put cheesecloth or commercially available vent filters under the vents that the air would have to pass thru to get into the unit which would stop anything from falling down thru too. However, I have been uneasy about whether either of those would be safe to use. It seems to me that the temperature of air that comes from the propane powered furnace which is a very short distance away from the actual vents, as opposed to what a stick house furnace vents would probably be, might be way hotter than would be advisable to block in anyway with anything including any type of filter. What do you think? And by the way, if you find some nice vent covers, be sure to post a link to them for the rest of us to check out! Thanks.
    Auntie Em

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 30, 2007 2:29:00 PM PDT  

  • We are also having the same problem. The only solution we have found so far is to cover the metal type vents with a magnetic vent cover that you can buy at a hardware store and cut to fit. It is a thin plastic covered magnetic material. A sheet version of the plastic magnetic stips you can cut and adhere to pictures and such to stick to the frig. The one we used is made by Deflect-o and comes in two different sizes.

    Of course we have to remove them before using the furnace, but it does help to keep the dirt and such out of the vents when not in use. The product says you can paint them to match the floor if desired.

    Hope this helps.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 9, 2008 8:56:00 AM PDT  

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