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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thinking of Replacing Your RV Carpet? How About Tile?

I met Jenne Sprunger at the Family Motor Coach Association convention in Perry, Georgia this week. She is a sales agent for Habegger Abbey Floors which is a company that specializes in RV flooring.

The news here is that carpet is out and tile is in. Jenne says, “Everyone seems to be switching from carpet to tile in their motor coaches.” The reasons people are giving is that tile is easier to clean and you can wear your shoes in the coach instead of parking them at the door. Tile has less maintenance and it's easy to replace a tile or two if it cracks or chips.

Jenne assured me that they have experienced fewer cracked tiles in RVs in the last five years because of the advancements in setting materials (glue and grout). These new materials are flexible and allow tile to wear better in the pitch & roll environment of RVs in motion. Jenne says that, “We are selling tile like its going out of style!” For more information you can check out the website at www.habeggerfloors.com



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