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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tour the Inside of a Motorcycle RV Pop-up Trailer

I marvel when I see motorcycles towing RV pop-up trailers down the road. I’ve never had a chance to see a motorcycle RV up close until now. This week the Christian Motorcyclists Association held their West Coast Convention at the fairgrounds in Moses Lake, Washington and I happened by with my camera and notepad. This motorcycle club is full of wonderful people who, like me, are professing Christ followers who also share a love of motorcycles and RVs. Steve and Nancy Gorder towed their motorcycle RV all the way from Mineral Point, Wisconsin for this conference. They’ve been married 19 years and in that time have pulled this type of RV pop-up trailer all over the United States. They don’t cook in their living quarters (they don’t come with stoves), so they eat out when on the road. This is their 2005 bunkhouse by B&F Specialties of Elk Grove, Illinois. This cool little RV has a screened in porch for bug-free outdoor living. Let me take you inside for a look at the sleeping quarters. This unit comes with a king sized bed with blow-up mattresses. Under the bed is a large storage compartment which is the main body of the trailer. Though these pop-ups don’t come with a heater, they do come with an optional air conditioner which fits in a zipper opening near the floor of the dressing area. This little RV is roomy enough for tall folks to be comfortable. It weighs 350 lbs. empty and also sports an electric refrigerator on the front. Steve says it takes about five to ten minutes to set up and, “If it’s raining you can do it real fast.” Some folks carry cooking gear and prepare their meals but these little pop-ups don't come with a galley. They also don't have bathroom facilities. There are other manufacturers making similar models like this “Aspen” which has a full frame under it and retails starting at $3,600. The hitches that attach on the motorcycle are mostly made by Hitch Doctor in Round Lake, Minnesota. The trailer hitch is a swivel hitch to compensate for the “leaning” motorcycle when going into curves. Here are more motorcycle pop-up RVs. If you're interested in the motorcycle club you may learn more about them here:
Christian Motorcyclists Association. I love it that there is such a huge variety of RVs and styles of camping out there. What a unique way to enjoy this great country. Jim

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