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Friday, April 18, 2008

A New RV Company Rises From the Ashes of Travel Supreme

The Jayco company’s tag line is “America’s Most Liveable RVs.” I see many Jayco products on the road these days and soon there will be even more. Jayco recently purchased land, buildings and equipment from bankrupt Travel Supreme . Jayco’s Director of Marketing, Sid Johnson, told me that Jayco has established a new subsidiary company under the Jayco umbrella called Entegra Coach, Inc. Sid said, “We are currently assembling the management and production team at Entegra Coach and our plans call for two lines of luxury fifth wheels and three lines of diesel-pusher Class A motorhomes.” They plan to build these new products in the 160,000-square-foot facility in Wakarusa, Indiana that formerly housed Travel Supreme. Here is a picture of Jayco headquarters. Jayco appointed the former president of Travel Supreme as the new president of Entegra Coach. Why would you hire a guy to run your new company after he ran Travel Supreme into bankruptcy? Jayco is probably banking he’s learned from his mistakes and will work hard to get it right this time. I liked Travel Supreme products and was sad to see them go. So, I was glad to hear Jayco is breathing new life into this company and look forward to seeing their new products in the years ahead. Jayco got out of the class A building business and focused instead on trailers, fifth wheels and the class C market with products like this handsome Seneca model. Now they’re back in the class A segment of the market and I hope they have a long successful run this time. I think we’ll see some high quality RVs and strong innovation come from Entegra Coach! Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


  • In a good Class A market, Jayco lasted maybe one year and left a lot of hard feelings in their wake. You'd have to be dreaming to think that they would/could do better in the current lousy Class A market.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 3, 2008 1:07:00 PM PDT  

  • Great Time to be starting to produce RV's. Then to have the guy who was in charge when the Travel Supreme went down!! Say goodby to Entgra Coach.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 3, 2008 3:45:00 PM PDT  

  • Any one with a TS factory warranty left better realize they don't have one. Entegra is not honoring them.

    Nice jb Mr President!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 3, 2008 5:44:00 PM PDT  

  • Looks like Jayco needs another BIG tax right-off for this year! I'm sure when you put the guy that helped push Travel Supreme into bankruptcy, he can do the same for Entgra Coach!

    By Blogger G William, at May 4, 2008 9:37:00 AM PDT  

  • I have a friend who owns a Jayco, Eagle, class C, & he has nothing but problems with it,one thing after another. Workmanship should be greatly improved before taking on another company.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 4, 2008 1:23:00 PM PDT  

  • By the way TS did not file for bankruptcy,They only made custom units in class A ,but there are no orders,I Know cause I used to work for them afew years back.I know most all the employees.So stop knocking on somebody till you know the facts BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 14, 2008 3:51:00 PM PDT  

  • Proud Travel Supreme owner says:
    hinesight is always easy.......
    Fact is; TS built the finest Luxury Coach there is.Nobody beats these coaches by design, quality and decor. I hope that Jayco will continue to built these fine RV's, and there will be plenty of buyers who will stay with the brand.
    Kurt Garbe
    Proud TS Owner

    By Anonymous Kurt Garbe, at May 23, 2008 7:53:00 AM PDT  

  • The rumor was that Travel Supreme got into a lawsuit that cost them a lot, and tehn also encumbant DoubleTree RV helped to force them out by pricing their units (Mobile Suites and Elite Suites) 15 to 20K less than a comparable TS. I own and have researched 5th wheels, and TS was by far one of if not the best. I have toured the plant now that Entegra Coach is in it, and I would be hesitant to purchase one of their products.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 18, 2008 8:42:00 AM PDT  

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