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Sunday, April 27, 2008

RV Park Speed Limits Help Keep Everyone Safe

Most RV parks have a posted speed limit from 15 to 4.6 miles per hour. I have a hard time driving 4.6 miles per hour because my speedometer is hard to read at that speed range, so I just go slow. RV parks that are paved with wide streets are usually posted somewhere between 15 and 10 miles per hour. You’re not kicking up dust and the paved streets deliver better breaking action so you can make an emergency stop in a shorter distance. Unpaved campground roads will almost always be 5 miles per hour. Driving slowly through an RV park or campground is important because you never know when a child will ride his bike across the street or come flying out from behind a parked car chasing a frisbee. Motor vehicle accidents occur all to frequently in RV parks and campgrounds because people fail to use common sense and employ safe driving habits. I see people do the craziest things while driving through RV parks. I’ve seen people back their RV’s into bushes and trees, poles and other vehicles. I’ve witnessed people racing though the RV park like they were on their way to the emergency room - which is where they’ll end up if they keep driving like that. In campgrounds people are riding bikes, walking pets, jogging and in-line skating so it’s always a good idea to look over both shoulders and check your mirrors as you back your car or pick-up out of your camp site. Pedestrians are relaxed in the campground setting and their guard is down, so it’s even more important that drivers be safety conscious. Helping you have an enjoyable and safe camping experience - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

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