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Saturday, March 24, 2007

A New Military Campground Directory Is Here – Halleluiah!

For those of you who are active duty or retired military, 100% disabled veterans, or DOD civilian employees active or retired you need to read this! This new software program provides you with all the essential information you will need to find and enjoy any of our military campgrounds. It comes with a one year update subscription and it gets better with each monthly update. This directory is light years ahead of the old Military Living’s “RV, Camping & Outdoor Recreation.” That directory should have been named, “Military Golf Courses and Some Sketchy Information on Military Campgrounds”. Their directory is HISTORY for military RVers, but golfers may still buy a few copies.

I love the front page of this program because you can just click on the state you are interested in and it will pop-up all the military campgrounds for that state. You can click on the star on the map or the name of the campground on the right hand menu and the campground information will appear. Sometimes you need to use the menu at the right because too many stars are clustered together.

This is a great directory now and will continue to get better over time. We can all pitch-in and help perfect it by submitting corrected military campground information. The program comes with an easy to use fill in the blank template. If the GPS coordinates are different or a phone number changes or nightly rates change or a gate is now closed to RV access – fill out the form and let the rest of us know about it. This is a group effort and all of us military folks know that if we work together we can accomplish much more than we can by ourselves. So hop onboard, buy this program and start using it, you’ll be glad you did!

You still need to use a map or a GPS aided mapping program to ensure you’re on the right track. The directions in U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory are FAR superior to Military Living’s directory. Just throw that old directory in the trash and buy this one. I’m not kidding!

It takes a few weeks to receive your premium updates but it’s worth the wait. You must send in the coupon that comes with the CD to receive the updates. You will also receive a FREE map data file with all the military campgrounds in whatever format you specify. You will receive the code to activate the premium subscription via email and once activated you must restart the program and do a new download of the latest updated information. There are sure to be more improvements as we go along and I will tell you about them over at my new blog Military RVing.

One of the best items on this software is the rating system. You can rate each military campground through this software (internet connection required). CO’s and MWR Directors need to get the message that their famcamps are under scrutiny. Many of our famcamps are in disrepair and need help and this is one of the best ways we can raise the level of awareness to CO’s and MWR Directors.

Also, why should a military campground cost more than a Passport America campground right outside the gate? CO’s and MWR Directors need to get the message to keep rates competitive! Some of these military campgrounds think they are Club Med or something! Military campgrounds are supposed to be a benefit not a cash cow!

Go here
Military Campground Directory
and purchase this program today! It will be one of the best investments you'll ever make. See you around the campground. Jim



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