Monday, June 25, 2007

More Home Built Camper Resources

In our last entry we introduced you to Dan, the Texas man who turned his garage into his own RV manufacturing plant. Dan's project is fascinating, and it got the mental juices flowing. Just what resources are available for those with a bent to building their own? We're happy to report that camper plans are out there.

Dan got his plans from Glen-L, who offers a pretty big range of camper plans and templates for material cutting. The latter is extremely helpful, as while it may not make building "goof proof," it surely reduces the opportunity. Glen-L has at least 9 different camper plans to choose from. Check out their website for more information.

Interested in motoring back into the past? Well, go dust off your May 1967 issue of Popular Science and you'll have plans for a pop-up truck camper. The pop up raised and lowered (fuel prices should be a great incentive for that today) with the use of handy-dandy bumper jacks, available at nearly any wrecking yard. Don't have a '67 PopSci? Not a problem, follow this link to the Vintage Projects website and you can download a PDF file with the plans for free.

A more modern approach to truck camper building, with classic rolled roof lines comes from Butler Projects. This beauty would look great on a truck equipped with wood side panels, but we're not sure where you'd find one of those today. Butler includes a 33 page shop manual in the price. Check out their website here.

Finally, a larger vintage camper for your consideration. 13 feet of truck camper, but the plan man tells us that truss-style construction gives this rig a lot of strength for those rough roads to the wilderness. Follow this link to the "Budget Camper" page.
And if you hear of any other sites, let us know!
All photos courtesy their respective websites.

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