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Comments for Born Free RV shuts down

  • need RV parts for a Born Free , class C motorhome, where can I get service ? now that Born Free, at Humbolt, Iowa plant has shut down?
    need parts &I service for a Born Free, class C Motorhome, where can I get this service?

  • we new bought a born free 8/1/16;needed service work on warrenty were told the factory closed. should we sue the dealer ship that sold us the unit and now will not fix the build problems?

    • Jerry,

      I doubt you would benefit from suing the dealer. When they sold it to you they had no idea the company would fold. It happened very suddenly.

      Get another opinion, but my guess is you are out of luck and will be stuck with the repair bill. Not fair, but I think that is what it will boil down to.