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Comments for Camping World cuts off the competition — again

  • Amazon is moving into other businesses .
    We can support those who serve our needs there !
    So all Rv suppliers , start getting ur AMZN sites up to date , we might be giving ur biz a try very soon !

  • This definitely sounds like a monopoly. I would think the RV Travel staff may want to start a letter campaign to our congressmen the to look into anti-trust violations. I have seen other causes use this technique to get the attention of our government. Just an idea.

  • I would not buy or service an rv at C World, very bad experiences with them. From what I hear we are far from alone. where will we go when they own everything?

  • Unfortunately the RVers are victims of this type of corporate takeover. We have noticed Camping World have increased prices in products and services, while decreasing quality of service provided. In the past we utilized Camping World for servicing our RV’s; however, in the past few years we have used other service centers and are more pleased with service and pricing.

  • As a mobile RV Service, we use CW/NATIONAL RV SUPPLY to help us with providing parts in a very timely manner. We could go to the local CW and get the parts at NATIONAL prices. By doing this, many times we were able to get the customer going with new parts in hours, not days. We are able to still get them (for now) at wholesale at CW. But CW/NATIONAL cut off the online access and we now get stuck trying to call our local CW to see if they have the parts and get the price.

    When I emailed CW regarding the message on the NATIONAL RV SUPPLY site, I was told they are working on it and we should get access back when the website is redone (I hope).

    When you are traveling, you don’t have days to wait for parts to be overnighted.

    • Thanks, Doug, for the clarification. Please keep us updated so we can share what’s happening with the rest of the readers.

      Russ DeMaris
      Senior Editor,

  • Sad but true CW has gone down hill fast. Service is generally very poor and price outrageous. Here is one problem they have, qualified
    service techs. Good techs are very hard to come by and so they often hire young folks just starting out in the business, give them little to no training and put them to work on your expensive motor home paying them 12 to 15 dollars per hour and charging you $100 per hour or more while they are learning. And with them buying up all the competition this will only get worse. I don’t have the answer for a fix here but if enough people get together we can make a difference

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