Camping World repair turns into nightmare

This video is pure amateur hour, but it’s hard to stop watching after this Camping World customer begins to show the incredibly shoddy work done on his fifth wheel trailer. He says he paid a total of $14,000 to have the RV fixed to have it be more functional and increase its value.

As many of the commenters note, the repair likely ruined the RV, making it not roadworthy and maybe even worthless.

If you have a few minutes, watch this. Unfortunately the man who recorded and posted the video did not say where this particular Camping World is located. As one commenter wrote, “Time to get lawyered up, Buddy.”



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  1. Jillie

    Never had a problem with camping world. Wow. But I do need to do a revamp on my bathroom and am thinking of taking it to General RV who does do this work. Everything else no problem. Wow. Next time if you do not like camping world then take it to an RV dealership. No duh there.

  2. Glenn

    I just got my NEW 5th Wheel back from CW. They cut holes in my sidewall, the unit filled with 14 gallons of propane from a leaking hose connection, they destroyed 6 AGM batteries and about $5,000 was stolen from the RV. All of that is only the tip of the iceberg! I’d like to talk to you about the possibility of teaming up on a lawsuit!

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Glenn, that’s terrible. I hope you do take legal action. If you want I can put you in touch with a lawyer who may wish to represent you in a lawsuit, or else recommend someone who will. — Chuck

  3. Travilenman

    His bill at the beginning shows this was done at the WOOD VILLAGE CW, which is on I-84 in Portland Oregon. BEWARE NEWBIES and OLD-TIMERS of CW & LEMONIS, all he wants is your $$$$$….

  4. Mike

    Preserve the evidence. Retain a independent expert to access the workmanship, damages and estimate of value. The expert will take quality photos. The cost if you prevail in the courts will be passed to the defendants. Good luck

  5. maury

    take it to another camping world dealership and tell them nothing and trade it off

  6. Colin Grant

    Check with your small claims court. A lot are up to $25,000 or more. A competent tradesman should be able to repair all the problems for $10,000 or less. I’m a construction boilermaker so I have a reasonable idea of how to fix this appalling mess.

  7. Larry Z.

    While I feel that your situation is terrible, I am guessing that an untrained technician was given this project. What did the Service Manager say? I have had an installation done on my 2016 Travel Trailer by Camping World in San Martin, California and I am very happy with the result. I don’t and won’t blame ALL CW’s for the poor workmanship at ONE. Anyhow, I hope that your case is very rare, and I hope you can get satisfaction.

  8. Roy Ellithorpe

    Sadly that is exactly what I have come to expect from any major dealer.
    BUT, I can’t even imagine why anyone would think that spending 14k on an older trailer would make ANY kind of economic sense.

    1. BruceinAZ

      To each his own. Buying an RV in the first place rarely makes economic sense. I’m going to be spending $35,000 on a 12 year old motorhome to have it resided and custom painted. In the end we will have a great looking unit on a good sound chassis and an interior that’s like new and well suited to our needs. It would cost us over $550,000 to replace it with a comparable new coach. This one is paid for and has pretty much all of the bugs worked out of it. We never had resale value in mind but comfort and convenience when we bought it. Will we ever get our money back out of it? Not a chance, but we’ve gotten a lot of joy and seen much of our country that we would not have otherwise had we not made this investment in our enjoyment.

  9. Wayne

    The trailer charges ought to equal lawyer charges I suppose. So if you add a suit for damages + lawyer fees maybe it will work out. Outside that if you lose the case due to court battles you just bought a Bankruptcy in your name I ‘d assume. There just isn’t any justice anymore. I hope you can get a settlement without having to lay out expenses to lawyer.

  10. Stephen Thomas

    I smell a lawsuit, and soon!

  11. Elaine Ashton

    He showed the Invoice … isn’t the repair place on N.E. Sandy Blvd, Wood Village, Oregon? … that was the name at the top of the Invoice. But this guy needs a lawyer FAST.

  12. Mona Kostenuk

    Have not had the “pleasure” of having repairs done by Camping World but know of 2 friends who have. 1 paid $11,000, the other $16,000. Both of them had shoddy work done. Never take your rigs in to them for work. Never ever go there to purchase or repair.

  13. Kern Stafford

    Yeah, CW is the pits. We bought a 2014 trailer in September of 2013. The walk-thru guy was very disparaging about the trailer. We downsized and no slideout because of where we camp, in older campgrounds. Anyway, I wanted a heat strip installed on t he AC. Nope, it can’t be done. Have to get a different AC. Anyway, found out a couple months later, after researching, the heat strip COULD be installed. I had it done by my travelling RV repairman who knows what he is doing. fLocally, my trusted RV dealer was just bought out by CW. They are still keeping his name on the signs. BUT, now that its CW, I will not go there anymore. BEWARE! seek out a good independent or a good mobile RV mechanic.

  14. JB

    CW ought to be run out of business.I got “took” by a CW in Cedar Falls,Iowa so bad I still walk bowlegged.Buyer beware…run do not walk from any CW.

  15. Kat

    Keep track of every single “dot and tittle:” Document date, time and who you dealt with for every conversation you have, no matter how insignificant. Don’t think you will remember the details. You won’t. Try to communicate via e-mail if at all possible. It’s a better record. Get third party opinions regarding the work that was done and get estimates for repair or replacement. Document any conversations you have with people who “on your side.” Those notes will come in very handy. If you don’t get results, contact the better business bureau, consumer affairs and anyone else you can think of. Send photos and good written documentation of all your conversations: a chronology of what happened and what you have done to try to get recourse. Also contact your state legislators offices, consumer affairs, etc. Send photos and documentation to them as well. Many legislators won’t deal with an actual consumer complaint so frame your letter in a way that concerns legislation. For instance, if you are going to be forced into arbitration, complain about how that restricts the consumer and benefits big business. Ask for them to investigate the laws that are keeping you from getting recourse. They will often have people who can give advice on how to proceed. Share your story on-line everywhere you can, along with photos and ask for advice from everyone. There are always others who have had similar experiences. I have been fighting a “big box” store for over a year over a shoddy roof replacement, If there was anything they could do wrong, they did. Had to hire someone to mitigate all the leaks and have thousands of dollars of repairs to my home. I have to put on a new roof and repair all the damage to my home. The insurance company has done everything they could to stone-wall me.: sweet-talking, excuses, intimidation, lies…you name it. I have hundreds of pages of documentation but have finally made some progress. These kinds of situations can totally alter your life but don’t give up. You will never get your time back but every time these “bad guys” have to finally pay up it will hopefully be a lesson and save someone else the heartache you are going thorough. I wish you luck. I am a senior citizen and my roof job has basically ruined my house and “stolen” a year and a half of my life. I discovered that “big money” doesn’t care about the little guy and has no intention of making anything right without a fight.

  16. Larry Lucas

    Wood Village, Oregon, on the east side of Portland along I-84… Especially after watching this video and listening to the story, I will NEVER take my RV to Camping World for repairs…

  17. Tom

    I had a tire blow out repaired at Columbus CampScrewal. After 3 months finally it was ready! Sink was not hooked up, lots not done. NEVER go to Camping World, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER. My son took it in, they charged or winterizing, both gray and black tanks where not emptied. They said batteries where dead and replaced, I okayed, before I found out they where such dishonest company. I now believe because the batteries where just run down from sitting 3 months with a light on. NEVER to to CampingScrewal

  18. Dr4Film ----- Richard

    Most definitely get yourself a lawyer that specializes in these types of situations. Knowing how Lemonis operates, he is one of the worlds most notable scumbags you will ever find. His lawyers will try every method in the book to skate free from this major screw up. So you will need an excellent lawyer which will be well worth the money and time. If you don’t then chances are you will walk away with nothing but an unusable piece of junk.

  19. tricky dicky

    This is wild! However, if the owner knows as much about “proper” welds etc. then I wonder why he didn’t actually do the welding himself, of have someone he knew and trusted do the welding?
    Not that it matters…..the point is that Camping World has screwed his trailer up royally and he deserves recompense.

    1. Tommy Molnar

      You don’t have to be a welder to recognize bad welds. And just because you DO recognize them, that doesn’t make YOU a welder.

      I can do ‘some’ welding, but I’d never undertake a job like this. As Dirty Harry said, “A man has to know his limitations”.

  20. Diane

    Yep, Wood Village Oregon. What a disaster!

  21. Jeff

    You have documented the Poor Quality of Service Very Well. You now have evidence for a Law Suit. I believe they owe you a new trailer. The fact that they destroyed the integrity of your Trailer Frame says enough.

    I would also file a complaint with the Appropriate State Attorney Generals Office and make them aware of the this Camping World. They may not be able to help you legally, but will be on notice as to this Camping Worlds BAD Service.

    Definitely a Lawsuit!

  22. Popeye

    I would not let Camping World wash my coach windows. My experience with them with our first RV, was when they installed HWH leveling jacks. I gave them specific instructions where I wanted the jacks installed and how to run the lines. Here is what they did: They installed the front jacks so the inside of the front right tire rubbed on the jack and they split the lines a number of times just to save some hose material. To fix this they relocated the front right jack, but left the bracket on so the tire would rub on the bracket and in the process destroyed one of my batteries and burned a hole in my new chrome wheel covers. It is a long story with more screw-ups, but they did fix everything. Of course it took 3 weeks with multiple trips back to the shop to repair the damage they did. In the end, the manager fired the workmen and actually spent more money in material and labor, then the quote I got to do the job. Stay away from Camping World – except to buy some TP or cleaner. .

  23. Alan

    The first part of the video shows an invoice indicating Camping World in Wood Village, Oregon ?

    1. Darrel

      Yep. Very clearly says Wood Village Oregon Camping World.

      I don’t trust Camping World except for the most basic installs like replacing a roof vent with identical/similar item, one for one fridge replacement, and one for one washer/drier replacement.

      I do buy products from the store and on line. I would not trust them for any major upgrades or repairs.

  24. Susan Callihan

    They owe you a new trailer! Glad you documented all this.

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