RV History: The early RV visionaries

By Al Hesselbart The men who created the concept of the RV industry and the lifestyle that accompanied it were amazing visionaries. Many of the pioneers who originated RV-related companies in the early years of the “horseless carriage” before World War I were pioneers in other industries as well. While ingenious campers and hunters were making homemade contraptions of all sorts,... Read More

Leave that baby bird you find alone!

The RoVing Naturalist By Dennis Prichard Spring is the time for babies in nature: Birds are nesting, bunnies are cavortin’, and deer fawns are dropping like last fall’s leaves. RVers may encounter some of these young animals while interacting with our wild outdoors, whether taking a serious hike or even just overnighting in a parking lot. But do you know how... Read More

Reader questions “frugal” RV relevance. What do you think?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Last week we published a story aimed at RVers looking toward a frugal lifestyle. The piece “Eat in or out – and still save some bucks” was barely on the internet when feedback came in from a reader, evidently frustrated with our topic. He writes: “Come on guys do you really think that a... Read More

RV History: Tent campers

By Al Hesselbart Throughout the history of the recreational vehicle, the most popular style of camper, by volume of models sold, has always been the folding tent trailer, or its very early predecessor, the non-folding tent trailer. They most closely resembled the tents with which all outdoorsmen were familiar. The popularity of these models has been based on price and on ease... Read More