In the past few years have high winds forced you off the road?

Have winds ever forced you off the road with your RV? High, gusting cross winds are the worst, and the evidence of what can happen shows up often on YouTube videos and elsewhere.  So what’s your experience? Please leave a comment if you’ve had any memorable experiences (hopefully, no bad accidents, but if that’s happened, please explain and maybe save... Read More

Majority of readers not fond of campfire smoke

Last week’s poll showed our readers seem to be firmly divided into two camps: the smokers and the non-smokers: Here are a few comments (some have been edited for brevity). Which “camp” to you belong to? Michael–If you are a true camper, you don’t need the full-hookup convenience of a RV Park. You can have your campfire and enjoy it... Read More

Should RV parks offer ‘No campfire’ zones?

With campgrounds increasingly packed with RVers and other campers into ever-smaller campsites to accommodate them, do you believe that areas in the parks should be offered where campfires are not allowed? Many readers have reported that they are allergic to smoke, and studies show that inhaling it is not healthy. Long ago, hotels, restaurants and other public places banned... Read More