My hero Ernie Pyle

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, I would like to tell you about Ernie Pyle. Unless you are 80 or older you have likely never heard of Ernie, who gained fame as a war correspondent during World War II. Sadly, he was killed by a sniper bullet shortly before the end of the war. Ernie received a Pulitizer Prize for his... Read More

Taking pictures of odd things

By Chuck Woodbury editor, When I travel, I always have a camera with me. These days it’s often my iPhone, which takes remarkably good photos. I take photos of whatever interests me. Sometimes people stare at me when I take a photo of something that they would never think to photograph. They must think me odd. They seem especially... Read More

Hibernating in your RV. Others ask ‘Is anyone in there?’

By Chuck Woodbury editor, My long time buddy Dave Williams wrote something in his blog this week that got me thinking. Dave wrote: “People in campgrounds and RV parks must think I’m weird. Maybe even scary. They’ve got to be suspicious. I’m pretty sure they warn their kids to stay away from me. I arrive alone, hook up to... Read More