‘Live Rattlesnakes,’ read the sign by the lonely road. A vanishing America

Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com I love this photo. I snapped it a long time ago somewhere in New Mexico. It was along a rural highway. Just down the road was the small, tacky souvenir shop with the snakes. The store sold the regular stuff — jackalopes, toy Indian drums, assorted tee-shirts, snow globes, and scorpions preserved for eternity in clear... Read More

Campground doesn’t furnish toilet paper: ‘The rest of the story. . .”

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in July, 2011 I received a message last week from a woman named Louise Schlosser who was horrified that a New York RV park did not supply toilet paper or paper towels in its restrooms. “The greeting on the restroom door was No toilet paper supplied,” she wrote, adding “Camping has reached a... Read More

I accept the rain

  By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in October, 2011 It’s raining. That’s what happens this time of year in the Northwest. We had a short summer, but we could hardly complain considering the record heat much of the nation endured. I have lived in the Northwest for 15 years now. I came from California, first from the irrigated... Read More