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Comments for Cold and flu season — Keep the bugs at bay

  • These are some great ideas but you just can’t protect yourself from enough things like door knobs, or fresh produce in a grocery store. The best one is the hot water knob on a bathroom sink. You turn the faucet on to cleen your hands while your hands are dirty. Then you touch the same knob with your clean Hands to turn the faucet off. Oops, your reinfected. Paper towels help a little but not enough.

  • While keeping your hands washed is a very good idea, boosting your immune system is really where you need to start. No matter where it comes from, I have found that keeping a bottle of anti-diarrheal in the medicine cabinet is a fabulous idea. The one I use is called “Loperamide Hydrochloride 2mg” and I have Wal-Mart’s Equate brand. I start out with two tablets. Usually, that is enough but sometimes I need to take one more tablet.

  • We have found that staying out of crowds helps a lot. We had to do that during Christmas and then went to a dinner at our club house and you guessed it, we both got the flu and it was the worst I have ever experienced. Came down with it 12-22 and it was mid January before got rid of it. I don’t think you can completely get rid of all germs, you just do the best you can. And yes, we both got flu shots back in October.