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Comments for Dashboard accessories headed for a meltdown?

  • I am not sure this is the right spot for this, …but here it is.. I am needing new tires for the truck ,f150 225/65/18 size…what do I need to pull a 35ft. 7600 lb. travel trailer. with about 900 lb. tongue weight. what I have will be ok, others say I need a heavier load tire. What is your thinking on this ….
    Thanks Russ

    • First off, does your particular F150 have the towing capacity to muscle that much trailer? Some of the 150s have a capacity of only 5,000 pounds. Next, take a look at the sidewall of the tires on the truck. The load capacity of the tire (in pounds or kilograms) is listed. How much does the unloaded rear axle of the truck weigh? How much stuff will you carry in the bed of the truck — that is, how much weight in the bed? Add the weight of the unloaded truck, the stuff in the bed, add on the 900 pounds for the hitch weight. Divide that number in two, and you’d need tires that would carry AT LEAST that much. As you increase the “load range” of the tires, the tire has that much more capacity for weight. Talk to a reputable tire dealer, but first, double check the tow capacity of your truck.

      And one more, where did you get the figure for your trailer weight? Is that the actual weight of the unloaded trailer, is it the maximum gross weight range (tanks full, gear, food etc), or what?

  • My truck is a 4×4 supercrew v-8 w/max.tow package,dealer said i was rated at 15000 GCWR. I did take your advice and talked to two different tire guy’s and both said that Michelin at/2 or the ms/2 work work for me.So thanks for the time and advise from you….