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Comments for Dealer says water in RV from retracting slideout is normal

  • Had that problem and found seeds from maple trees were getting under the rubber seal. Installing toppers solved the problem.

  • Most times a blowing rain will force water under the slide topper especially on your full wall slide or large slide. I’ve learned to retract the slide slowly, coming to a complete stop, important for timing synch of motors, this let’s water run off the topper. Some will still collect on top of the slide. Roll a bath towel up and place on the slide top. This will catch the excess water the wipers miss. The membrane on your top flexible and water will pool. Don’t forget the towel when placing the slide out again. Fleetwood slides are wider than most and this plus wiper alignment, never going to be correct, will solve the issue. Sorry but it’s the nature of the species!

  • When we have been camping in heavy rain and before bringing in the slide out, I use my levelers to jack up the front or rear of the coach and have the possible collected water on top of the slide run off before bringing it in.

  • My motorhome has toppers that extend and retract with the sliders. These toppers stop water and debris from collecting on the slide top. Only once over the five years that I have owned my motorhome have I had water get inside. This was due to a hard blowing rain storm.. Certainly worth the money.

  • I would say it is more common than Gary thinks. More than once have I forgotten to check the top of the slide when it is brought in and the first time my husband braked he got a ‘bath’. We have a low spot on the slide where it will puddle up even with a topper on it. Toppers help a lot but if you have wind and rain it will get under it. My normal is to put towels up there to soak it up – just have to remember to remove before putting the slide out. We also had this problem with TT and 5th, but not as often. It is something you learn to live with and deal with.

  • Had that problem on our coach recently also. Full wall slide only. Looking at the toppers they do have a slight gap resulting in a place where water can get on top besides the ends. Full wall is so long it takes 2 slide toppers and they do not overlap. We had heard of this problem from folks with the same make coach prior to buying. As another said jack front or back up to drain top of slide. It may not be a fixable problem due to design.

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