How would you describe how you use your RV?

Do you use your RV to get away from it all — maybe spend an entire season on public lands enjoying the peace and quiet, the stunning night skies, hiking, birdwatching … that sort of thing? Or is your RV your home — one that has all or most the comforts of a traditional home, but has wheels so you can move from place to place?

Here’s a list of nine ways we came up with that we believe cover how most RVers use their recreational vehicles. But we likely missed some, so please leave a comment if you use your way that we didn’t consider. You can pick two responses if one doesn’t quite cover all the bases.

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85 Thoughts to “How would you describe how you use your RV?”

  1. Jay

    We bought our RV mainly to use as a seasonal getaway. In the winter, we are in Florida near family that lives there, and in the summer, it is parked on a lot in northern lower Michigan but still within 2 hours drive or our home where we can enjoy it whenever we get the itch. We are full blown “glampers” where we require full hookups and tend to stay in parks that offer higher end amenities vs. state parks or more rustic areas.

  2. Rodney

    I have a “B” and “C” motor homes. The B is now a spare car and long distance traveler. The “C” is currently a guest house for the children that returned home.

  3. Pete and Janet

    We have a 1995 Georgie Boy purchased for $4500.00,and needed $2000.00 more to pass first inspection.
    Used only once first year, then replaced all tires and belts , lights to led and new generator and batteries.
    We rent our stick and brick.
    But now from April to November we pretty much use it every other weekend for close camping (1-2 hours away).
    Then at least one full week and several long weekends more than two hours away , and is stored outside and covered.

  4. Ernie M

    I am 79. My wife is 77. We have a 2001, 40 ft Monaco Diplomat with 119,000 miles. It is our second Class A coach.
    I have been retired 21 years. We have a home outside Detroit in Michigan, and another home in Naples, FL. We have a boat at each residence.
    In 2017 we took 5 trips with our Monaco.
    1. April from FL to MI. As snowbirds leaving FL, we take our time, usually 10 days or so and stop in different towns each year as we head north.
    2. Leaving from MI in the summer to the FMCA convention in Indianapolis with a side trip to Lafayette and West Lafayette, touring the Frank Lloyd Wright home, and a visit with friends at their Indiana farm and then returning to MI. About 2 weeks.
    3. Leaving from MI to Marion IL for the eclipse and then over to Branson, MO for a week staying at the Escapes rv park nearby. We saw 8 shows in Branson. About 17 days.
    4. Leaving from MI for 5 days at Stratford, Ont. Ca for the Shakespearean Festival and visiting friends in Kitchener and then to Niagara Falls and on to Provinceton, MA where we visited friends and had a great meal at the Mews restaurant, and then down to the Falmouth area and then to Foxboro MA and the Normandy Farms campground for Columbus weekend, and into Boston to the JFK 100th year celebration. Then onto Port Jervis NY to see friends and back to MI. About 18 days.
    5. Leaving our MI home in early Nov for Cincinnati, OH., Enterprise, AL., Mobile, AL., and Tampa, FL to visit relatives and then to our Naples home. About 15 days.
    We stay in some campgrounds, and Wal-Mart parking lots quite often. We love Wal-Mart because of their convenience and the fact that with our Class A coach we simply do not need hookups every night, and because in some areas campgrounds are not available.
    We realize we have a fortunate lifestyle.

  5. d’Ann Madore

    We have a 25’ Winnebago Navion on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It is our second RV. We started roughing it camping back in the 70’s in tents, then a VW Westfalia camper/bus with our newborn and toddler. We graduated to a camper on the back of a pickup truck through their junior high years, then rented condos, cabins or hotel-ed through their high school years. Sans kids we went back to a 1976 vintage VW Westfalia camper/bus until four years ago when we bought our first Mercedes Sprinter by Thor. We quickly learned what we did and didn’t need, and settled on our Winnebago Navion this year. We camp with our kids and grandkids as well as our Volkswagen Bus Club 6-8 Times a year. Recently retired my husband and I plan to travel the US while maintaining our home in Southern California.

  6. Hardy Jackson

    We use our motorhome 3-5 months out of the year to see the USA. During that time we “dry” camp 4-5 days and then go to an RV park for 1-2 days to dump, resupply water, etc. The balance of the year, we take short trips ( 30-70) miles from home and stay 4-7 days “dry” camping. We own a 41 ft motorhome and living the dream!

  7. J French

    We use the 32′ Jayco mainly in National Forests or smaller private owned parks, never in RV “Resorts”. Stay generally 1 week at a time & bicycle trail riding, fishing are the hobbies.
    Boondock average twice per year.

  8. G13Man

    ex back packer , now hiker !
    motorcycle injuries have taken a toll
    migraines have lost 2 houses !
    i remember the old fixed up bread trucks from the 7os and thought , neat when i get older ….So i got a mini-micro class C Explorer 20 foot , 86 Toyota
    I was in it for 5 month full time till the transmission went , sigh , now fixed , it is a cheaper place to stay when i go place , fun to go for weekend , even to the local parks , [ i can cook and shower when needed ] , when camps want to much i pull out my tent and use it ! , i have plans to redo the interior , but , well its more fun to travel and dream then spend and work on it . i also want to shorten it 2 feet to make it easier in City parking and traffic . People think they can buy this used thing cheap , haha , NOT , i have enough into it and it is my house , not a used cheap vehicle ! but will sell for 12k [ if interested , buy elseware ! ]cause it needs work

  9. JR and Judy (Travelx2 couple)

    we decided the best way to see what WE wanted to see in the USA was to purchase an RV. Started with 28 foot travel trailer, moved up to an 35 foot 5th wheel. We decided to sell our house and go full time and now we would not trade our times or the places we have visited. Living now in our 40 foot 5 slide 5th wheel. Life is good.

  10. Paula Thompson

    We are full timers, no other home. It was my husband’s long time goal. We tell people “we don’t camp…we watch tv”. RVing would be a better term. We are fortunate to have access to military campgrounds but can definitely see that they are becoming more crowded as the large vietnam era population retires and RV’s, especially in prime locations like Key West and San Diego. I am seeing a bigger population of 40 ft + class A’s around. As a counter to your rv sales figures, you should also consider that there are many people “aging out” of the lifestyle. While that technically lowers the travelling population, many of those RV’s are selling on the private market, making your “new sales” numbers less than 100% of RVers. Complicated, yet the best lifestyle for my age. Bet you get that too now that you are full timing with your new love.

  11. Chuck

    Our son has lived in ours in the driveway for about a year. Not a good RV year.

  12. Daniel P

    I worked my entire life to finally travel for more than the work 2 weeks vacation schedule the “job” allowed. I’ve seen everything (well most everything because there is always something different) were I live. Now I want to travel in comfort and see the rest of the USA.

  13. Roger Hinshaw

    Both of our kids live in the same town that is 5 hours from our home base. One has a horse ranch on which we set up a pad with electricity, sewer, and water for our 39ft Bounder Class A. We spend 2 to 4 or 5 weeks at a time there several times a year and leave it there most of the time. It serves as our home away from home.

  14. Robt

    We purchased our RV in hopes of becoming full-timers. Now it’s used primarily/solely to remember the adventures we used to have in it and to dream about what may happen again. Basically it was a mistake purchased 10 yrs ago that sits next to the house waiting for the next big road trip, which may never happen because of the wife’s disability. Not an “up” comment, I know, but that’s reality.

  15. Travilenman

    I do both– “Glamp”,and boondock — here in the Pacific Northwest about 6-8 months a year.. Why go anywhere else.. Am preparing for a trip to Alaska next year of about 4-5 months.. I will do both glamp and boondock…IF my RV holds together and don’t fall apart…

  16. Ron Lane

    We live in the Mojave Desert of Southern California where summer temperatures exceed 110 degrees. However, winter temperatures are mild with very few days reaching freezing temperatures. Therefore, from mid May through mid October we take our 44′ Phaeton and stay at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport Oregon where we own our own lot. We do not boondocks, nor do we camp. Our motorhome is equipped with all the conveniences of our SU&B back in California. We will, occasionally, venture out of Newport to attend a local or national rally….but only for a few days. The summer 65 degree temps of Newport is difficult to leave.

  17. Steve

    I’m a scoutmaster, so I still get plenty of “real” camping in. Backpack in, tent, sleeping bag, cooking over a small burner, fishing, etc. It reminds me why I like my trailer.

  18. Billy Bones

    We full time in our 5th wheel. My wife and I are gate guards with a frac crew. We follow them where ever they go. Sold the brix n stix 5 years ago. I doubt we’ll buy a house again.

  19. W

    Two purposes I dont think cleanly fit into your survey:

    1) “budget travel” – for the last wedding we went to, flying family cross-country was $5K, hotels another $1-2K… Excluding strip searches and providing my own bed: $1.5K in fuel… Its not “camping” or tourism or because the motivation is really budget and fewer cavity searches.

    2) legal/less harrassed travel: I travel heavily armed for work. Although I’m legally licensed to, it is a **PAIN** to go near an airport these days and do all the paperwork and BS security theatre while TSA newbies actually dangerously handle my hardware to approve my licensed rights. Paranoid ignorance won…I’ll drive 3000miles before boarding a plane now.

  20. JohnV

    Semi-full time: 5 months parked in one location (50 amps). 6 months parked in driveway at my “real home”, serving as an extra bedroom (30 amp service). And about 1 month a year driving around (I can do with 30 amp, but usually ask for 50 amp if available).

  21. Barbara

    We are full time and travel when we want or stay 6 months in a park if that’s what we decide to do. We’ve been to 47 states in the past 4 years and will not stop traveling until the wheels fall off or we fall down. We are in our late 70’s with a 45 ft MH that is driven by both of us. Love the life.

    1. Bo Walker

      45 feet, wow! I can see why it is “driven by both of us”. Does it have two steering wheels? Ha, just kidding.

  22. Loneoutdoorsman

    My Arctic Fox 990 truck camper is my home. Sold my house 3 years ago. My “new life” on the road is everything Ey dreamed of. No regrets. Have met a lot of great folks and never have had a bad experience. Dry camp and “plug in” about 50–50. Started to enjoy Montana 90 proof whiskey a little too much, but stopped drinking about a year ago after almost falling into the campfire a few times in Glacier National Park. Don’t miss it and now it’s a lot easier to get up early to go fishing. Drink too much coffee—probably why Ey am writing this @ 4:00 am. Ey really enjoy driving my F-350 diesel. Starting to slow down a bit and stay in one place more than a few days. Cannot imagine a better life than this.
    Burn Diesel and use paper plates. The one with the biggest carbon footprint WINS. Hi Chuck. Don’t know how you find time to publish your really informative RV Travel.

    1. RV Staff

      Congrats, Loneoutdoorsman! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying more coffee these days. Happy fishing and RVing! 😀 —Diane at

  23. Ron Vanderhoof

    We camp once a month for 5 days with a friends in a Good Sam chapter. And have used our 5th wheel for long vacations.

  24. Jens

    Our tt is our only home and we have now traveled around the country for 26 months.

  25. Ron Twellman

    When I joined DW in retirement a year ago we pondered whether to keep our Class C or go to a TT. Our 6 wk trip to Alaska this summer gave us lots of time to discuss our options. We agreed we are just tourists often traveling with grandkids and seldom spending more than a day or two in one location. We sold the 2000 Coachman Class C Labor Day weekend and just this week picked up our 2016 Gulf Stream Class C. It’s just slightly larger with a real bed and higher end amenities but still no slides. I’m halfway through lowering the dirt floor of our storage shed to make room for this taller vehicle. It’s hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  26. John Koenig

    Until I get my “stick & brick” emptied and sold, I’m an extended-time RVer. I am looking forward to the time when I can live full-time and not have to worry about any problems that might be occurring in the house when I’m away.

  27. Andy Mirdik

    I belong to an rv club and I spend a large portion of my summers at their rally’s. I also visit my sons , and friends who live in the N.W.
    I only use my rig in the summer season.
    Andy Mirdik, Aurora, Co.
    ‘05 pleasureway on a Ford E-350 chassis

  28. Tom

    You left out snowbirding which is one of the ways we use ours. Second home on wheels so winter in FL and the other trips from spring to fall.
    Still have our S&B and spend more time there than in coach.

  29. Peggy

    From November to mid April I am a Winter Texan. I spend a month at my sticks and bricks home my kids are renting from me, then head to Northern Wisconsin to be a camp nurse till mid August. Then back to MN sticks and bricks home till the end of October with 3-4 weekends out at campgrounds.

  30. David Nowak

    We are ” working ” snow bird’s, volunteers to Habitat for 5 to 6 months. Our Rv with 3 slides gives us great comfort and when we return home we are on the road taking our grandchildren to private and State parks during the summer. We started in tents too many years ago, moved up to a pop-up which made camping with our 6 kids a lot of fun. Now, in our senior years, the Rv keeps us going and my wife and I plan to continue “camping”????

  31. Sherry

    We have been travel nursing for 12 years and living in our RV. We pick up and move every three to 6 months taking 2 to 3 months off a year to just travel. 9 to 12 years ago we had a hard time convincing private parks to let us stay for an extended time. Then came the recession and high gas prices and we had no trouble finding RV parks close to cities or any where we worked. For the last three years we have had to turn down jobs because we could not find a nearby place to stay. I am presently in Portland OR. This summer the park was full but now 1/2 full with people living here. In the Pacific Northwest, where housing is ridiculous expensive, people are living in their RV full time for years. Some drive from their homes further out and stay in RV park near job. I am so glad we have elected to buy a smaller RV so we can easily take it wherever and get away from the parking lot on days off. Honestly we also prefer to work weekends because we would not be able to find an RV spot in a park, boondocking or anywhere on the weekend.

  32. Bill & Kitty Bateman

    We are in transition to doing a lot of camp hosting and travel with an emphasis on boondocking. We started with open sleeping on back country Nevada trips with our 69 Landcruiser, then tents. We graduated to a 69 Chev and Westways 10′ cabover, then 87 22′ Sunflyer (my favorite of all), followed by a 24′ ToyHauler, mainly for the large living space, towed by a 97 E350. We are currently back to a 03 Chevy with a 00 Lance 11′. We’ve enjoyed it all and are now looking hard at B+ Mercedes chassis as well as maybe a small A if they ever make one again for our camp hosting foray which we hope will last quite a long time.
    Campgrounds are crowded but we have been set up for boondocking with solar and lots of propane and a small Onan propane gen to run air and micro. Happy trails to all!

  33. Jef

    Well, at the time I voted, my wife and I were only 3% or this population. We live in our RV full time, because our adult children still live in our house. They have not been able to get jobs that pay well enough to move out on their own. Since they haven’t moved out, we did! But we don’t say we are ‘Camping’. I have always admitted that we RV. We camped years ago when the children were younger, especially when they were in scouting, going away for weekends, stetting up a tent, etc. But that ended years ago when we got older and bought a travel trailer. Could I still sleep on the ground in a tent? Probably. But I really don’t want to give up my ‘Sleep Number’ bed, and A/C and the bathroom only a few steps away! We do enjoy traveling but do admit that it is a challenge at times to find a spot, and we have seen it get worse the last few years. I know it will continue to get worse at the record setting pace of new RV sales. I wish that those with the financial resources would see this problem as a business opportunity and build more RV parks!

    1. harvey

      It is good to see someone else that I can relate to.
      Our 2 boys went away to school, graduated, and moved back home. It took a year but they finally have found full time work.
      They like living at home and don’t plan on leaving. We are.
      We are moving to our second home in the desert and we just bought our first fiver. Have had a number of different rvs over the years but never a fiver. This is the biggest we have had at 42 feet. We hope to become extended stays for 2-4 months a couple of times a year. Havasu balloon festival and quartzsite next month

  34. Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC

    We only take one trip each season but that is for 5 months. We like power for convenience appliances, heat and tv in our 36’ 5th. We will boondock in parking lots or Walmart maybe 3 nights in 5 months. Also enjoy boondocking with solar on occasion. Will do BLM camping for 2 weeks in our 5 month trip, then using genset only on rare occasions.
    In 9 years have visited or touched on with 5th 48 states and 10 provinces.

    1. Bob

      In 9 years I only manage 49 States and 7 provinces, plus a venter into Baja, CA.
      Yes it is great.
      It can also be interesting to contrast an RV visit with a cruise to Alaska or ???.

  35. Tom

    We use it during the week at our state parks when it is not as busy (we try to avoid weekends, especially holiday weekends.) We are “camping”, but in comfort. We outgrew our popup long ago. Now have a 19 foot towable Wini. We took it out to the Canadian Rockies, but mostly use it in our home state of Michigan.

  36. Raquel

    There seems to be a missing slot for those of us who have chosen to sell our homes, making our RV our only home by choice. We do not park in one place for months on end, but spend time seeing and getting to know the area. Then we move on to another spot. We’re not driven by “jobs”, nor by “necessity”. We’re driven by the desire to experience this continent and the people who inhabit it. In reality, the people are what keeps us on the road.

  37. Captn John

    We stay in the S&B during June/July/August as CGs are too crowded. We are also there during December as family is in the south then too. We spend 5 – 6 months in our 43′ 5er. Rarely north of the Mason Dixon line. We do not camp. We find a new area and explore for a week or more before moving on.

  38. Scott

    I’m not sure definitions really matter. I think the “doing” is what is important, be one doing all of the different activities u identify in the survey. Don’t misunderstand, I think looking at the distinctions is interesting, but the good thing is many people r out there doing their own thing, whatever u want to call it. I use my Escape to travel and boondock and yes on occasion “Escape.”

  39. Mark Evenson

    We use our RV as an affordable substitute for expensive motels or rental houses. We have a very small recreational vehicle, 17′. We also attend rallies with other owners of our type of RV, fiberglass trailers. We are new to this type of accommodation, this year. Our uses are still in development stage.
    Mark and Cheryl & Mick, the beagle.

  40. Steve P

    I am an ‘Other’ .. for us we largely have it for weekends and vacations, but also for any over the road travel. It is essential that our RV is modest and efficient since we use it as a our rolling motel room, stopping at WalMarts, and US Forests, sometimes rest areas, any free location on our route which will allow us some hours of rest in comfort, and then back on the road. Environmental Allergies make bringing our safe room with us better than risking the unknown reaction at hotels.

    Most RV’s are far too ‘upscale’ for our tastes. I don’t want to pay to schlep all the extra weight for luxuries. I want a simple, rugged, safe means of moving my family.

  41. Elaine

    We did the “real” camping growing up. We use our 5th wheel to travel in enjoying the outdoors to visit family, friends, & to see the good ole USA. We don’t have to pack up to move which is a great convenience. We love it!

  42. Grumpy too

    Still have a stick built home in Oregon – return to it from mid April to Early September. “Nana” has to see and take care of grand and great grand kids. Use the motorhome to explore, sight see and attend rallies – chapter functions. Enjoying life.

  43. Jim & Deanne Fellows

    We use our 22′ trailer for sleeping, eating and getting us from one interesting place to another. We very seldom stay in one place longer than a week.

  44. Alex

    RV enhancement is a hobby. I prefer older, better built trailers and Class C. I’ve had 5 Holiday Rambler trailers ranging in age from 1988 to 1995 and from 18 to 32 feet. Modernizing them with laminate floors, modern entertainment systems and suspensions while retaining their classic ambience is challenging and fun. When time to move one, the first visitor usually buys it. Yes, we camp and travel in them too. While we enjoy using them, we’re also intrigued by finding ways to improve cosmetics and functionality,

  45. Don

    My definition of camping is “cold, wet and miserable.” I did that while growing up. I have wonderful memories of the TIMES we had while camping, but not “camping.” For that reason the next 40 years I spent “camping” there were always numbers on the door. I now have a class A. I don’t tell people I camp, I tell them I “RV” And I’m OK with that!

  46. Kat

    I bought my 20′ 2005 Rialta in 2006 so I could research my family history (do genealogy), traveling to eastern US locales where my ancestors lived from my S&B home in the Pacific North West. I urban boondock in her for 2 – 3 months near archives, libraries, courthouses and cemeteries; she houses my files, computer and printer and permits me to visit new found “cousins” without inconveniencing them. I have 100W of portable solar panels that allow me to write at night, taking care of my electronics. On my way back to the PNW, I stop at National and State Parks and visit Civil War battlefields where my GreatGrandfather fought. I’m having the time of my life and would love to continue my genealogical research across the Pond!

  47. Bee O'Neil

    My wife & I have been full time RVers and on the road since early ’02 in our 40′ motorhome.

    Our full time RVing life style is best described by the Tiffin Mfg slogan “Roughing It Smoothly” after enjoying the other ‘camping’ methods since the early 70s.

  48. JUDY

    It is our only home. We use it as transport to and from various volunteer jobs all over the United States. The Rv parks are crowded and difficult to relax in so we work for state and national parks seasonally..winter in the south and summer up north.

  49. Bruce Howard Pedersen

    We are sightseers and we go somewhere every 4 to 6 weeks. We usually stay at national parks, state parks first choice and then commercial parks if we have to. We do boondocks at times, however we usually only stay at any of the above for 2 or 3 days and move on. Been to Alaska, Cross country, most of the national parks in western US and still plan on seeing more of the country. We been RVing since 1989. Life is good!

  50. Ann

    We spend 4-6 weeks in AZ in the winter and 4-6 weeks in the Northwest in the summer. We prefer state parks or favorite RV parks. I like to plan trips with reservations but stop when tired on the way to our destination or on the way home. My favorite way to camp is buying a Thousand Trails pass for half price and one more region in the west. Price per month is less than $50. I like to sign up for 2 years and camp for the price of a resort fee.

  51. Bill

    We spend five to ten months a year in our motorhome; a couple of months are snowbirding, and the rest is a mix of work assignments, visiting friends and family, and travel for fun. We do still own a house, with all the problems that entails, with an apartment for an elderly parent still living there.

  52. Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY

    We are on our 3rd Class A. This quarter million dollar rig is not an RV. It is a home on wheels with a bath and a half, stacked washer/dryer, residential fridge, I could go on and on. We are on the road as snow birds for 4 months and then travel locally and on trips for parts of another 3 months from our stick home. We don’t camp. I call it GLAMPING..

  53. David C

    At this time my family and I use our travel trailer for long weekend get a ways and a vacation in the Midwest area, mostly staying at private CG. Our children are adults and spending less time with us RV’ing. My wife and I planning to travel more at months at a time. Still trying to decide on a 5th or class A. I did my time camping in a tent and done with that, I enjoy spending time away in my home a way from home.

  54. boatcat

    We full timed for 8 years after living on a sailboat for 21 years. We needed a roots place and AZ fit the bill. Now we we get out of the heat for summer, do week ends once a month with Elks RV Club, and special occasions.

  55. Tom

    We own a Truck Camper and a 36 foot 5th Wheel. We towed the 5th Wheel to Texas for many winters to visit various State Parks all winter long. When we decided to leave it permanently in Rockport Texas we bought the Truck Camper.
    We wanted to take our time on the trips south and again north to our Minnesota home in the spring, not wanting to stay in motels. The Truck Camper lets us stay with friends and family in their driveway when southbound in mid October, and we mostly use Corp parks northbound in mid May. We take about 2 weeks to make our trips each way. Since May is the off season we haven’t had a problem just driving to a Corp park during the weekdays but stay put through the weekends.

    The 5th Wheel Is our winter home and a lake home in Northern Minnesota is our summer home. Because we have the Truck Camper we now use it to go to campgrounds during the,weekdays a few times in the summer, towing a small sailboat, something we couldn’t do with the 5th Wheel.

    All was well until Hurricane Harvey, no way for us to move our trailer. It did sustain some roof damage and some water stains on the ceiling and carpet but it did not get torn apart or flipped so we are living in it now, as before. Insurance took care of the repairs and cleaning. We feel fortunate.

    1. Mary Ihla

      Where in northern Minnesota? I grew up in the Park Rapids area. I’d love to do what you do, but my husband refuses to sell our house in the Twin Cities.

      1. Tom

        Nevis, East of OR, west of Akelely on Highway 34

        1. Tom

          That s/b East of Park Rapids

  56. Barbara

    We are snowbirds so spend 5 to 6 months in our 5th wheel. Most of that time we are “parked” an extended time but we take out time getting there to visit historic sights and National Parks.

  57. Susan Grant

    We have been full time RVs since 2010 though we have always camped, tent, pop up, small travel trailer. When we got our 5th wheel is when we decided to be full timers. Our daughter went to college, we went south to FL. Spent 5 years up and down East Coast, 2 years in Northwest, now heading back east. We are Thousand Trails, ROD members as well as military retirees which allows us this lifestyle. Am concerned about how many campgrounds are filling up with permanent people. Hope to do this for many more years to come.

    1. Geri Pererson

      Are you always guaranteed a campsite with Thousand Trails? Or, do you have to call around to reserve a site in advance?

      1. Bob

        We were never GUARANTEED a space at Thousand trails, but seldom had a problem.
        There was a time we had a reservation, called ahead to say we might arrive late. We were told do not come, snowed in, in park roads not passable.
        We were allowed to extend our stay at the thousand trails we had been at for three weeks (our max time limit per park).
        We did almost always reserve ahead, even if only a few hours ahead.

  58. Sandra

    I own a home in Florida, but travel in my motorhome to Minnesota each summer where I “live” in a seasonal campground. Going to and from Florida, I “camp”, both boondocking and staying in national parks , forests and BLM land. Best of both worlds.

  59. Don

    We use our 33ft TT as a second home basically. Instead of buying a “summer” home, we travel. We are retired but still maintain a permanent residence. We also stay in out of the way places to enjoy quiet mornings, great walk/hikes and biking. We leave the pools to the families. Yes, we are sewer “snobs”, but the amount of “vintage” fellow RVers that prefer the quiet non-traditional RV parks is amazing. We have a number of favorites and frequent them. With friends quite often. But, after a hectic work life we truly enjoy the calm and quiet of “clamping”.

  60. Jim

    We still have a stick/ brick house but spend several months in the road during the year

  61. Dennis Strope

    G`day, retired U.S. Army. I like to tell people, in twenty years in the Army, I’ve been around the world a few times and want to see what we have right here in our own back yard, and am working on it. After a hiatus, DW passed Sep 2015 after four short years full-time, my new `partner-in-crime` and I will be back in the mix in approx one year! I’ve lived in my 5er since 2011 albeit stationary since 2015, working at a campground.

  62. Calvin Rittenhouse

    I’m one of the few remaining “campers” per the description in the newsletter. I’m a tent camper, and this newsletter has convinced me that I will never become an RVer because of the cost, the “systems” that fail so much and because of RVers’ attitudes I don’t share. I camp to connect with nature and to live cheaply and comfortably. I have no issues with self-containment or with using a tent and/or minivan to meet my few needs.

  63. JB

    We have been full timing for years and have the lifestyle pretty much down to a science.We tried the mortgage thing several times,but due to rising property taxes and high priced real estate,bailed out of that sinking ship.Then there is the rent problem,and the incessant greed that has permeated the rental industry…so for us the RV is the way to go.I have seen many changes over the years in the RV business,lately it is poor quality for a fast buck.Gone are the days of pride in workmanship that the flagship brands used to brag about…it’s all about money now…get as much as they can before the next bust comes along.All this has created a problem where RV parks have become over crowded and prices have gone up exponentially,especially in the snow bird areas. I figure it will run it’s course,it usually does,and many will get disheartened and abandon the lifestyle…leaving more room for us die hard RV folks who actually live in our rig sto avoid being ripped off by greedy real estaters and landlords.

  64. Brenda

    We are full time and it’s our only home.
    That being said we do prefer some hookups not necessarily sewer. We don’t profess to “camp” but the only parks we stay at are COE and State Parks as we prefer nature over pools and a clubhouse for socializing.

  65. Bill Klaes

    Of the 8 choices available in this survey, I can check 5 of them with our Class A. We just don’t full time… yet.

    1. Lynn and Mark

      We just sold our home and are going to full time it until we decide otherwise. Lots to learn, for certain. Please tell me we don’t have to have our whole year planned out in advance! Hoping to stay where we like for as long as we like and not have a schedule. Take our time and live the dream. We know we have to book national parks in advance but are hoping we can show up on an as need basis to many state parks and local private campgrounds. Here’s to learning and an occasional Walmart “Last” Resort !

  66. Ted

    Full time suits us in this travel phase of our lives. Still lots to see and places to return for more exploration. Not having the ties and care of a house, helps us enjoy this freedom.

  67. LB

    I am a vegetarian diabetic, who has very successful handled my diabetes by a very strict exercise plan and very specific diet for 11 years. I need a kitchen to refrigerate and prepare my food.

  68. Shawnee

    We are seasonal snow bird. Our travel trailer stays in storage in the off season. We have a small homemade trailer we use for camping in comfort in the north.

  69. Astrid

    We spend several months in Florida every winter in our 35’ fifth wheel, and travel part time the rest of the year. We have a regular house. When the kids were young we had a 24’ travel trailer. People used to say to us that this was not camping. I would reply “No, it’s not camping, it’s a cottage with no fixed address”:

    1. Glenda

      I love your definition: “… it’s a cottage with no fixed address”. I live full time in my 26-foot class C motorhome but also go to “camp-outs” (rallies) with my RVing buds nearly every month. I’ve been living in an RV (motorhome or 5th wheel) since 1992 and just can’t bring myself to be tied to a bunch of expensive sticks and bricks again.

  70. Grumpy

    My wife and I live on a lake in Maine for 6 months and in our trailer for 6 months in S,W. Florida. We did travel the first 2 years throughout the Southwest and south before settling in Florida for the past 5 winters. We store the trailer at the RV park for the summer.

  71. Laurie Nevins

    I consider myself a half timer. On the road anywhere from a week to three months at a time. I enjoy both boondocking and occasionally a high end campground with all the luxuries. So I think I camp sometimes and rv travel at others. I have a 24′ class c with no slides. It is a basic no frills unit, but just fine for my husband and me.

  72. John

    We use our RV as a winter home traveling around Florida to see friends and relatives. We like the mobility over a condo. Our annual trip begins from southern NJ on the Cape May Ferry. 38′ Class A Holiday Rambler Diesel Pusher towing a 2014 Ford Explorer.

  73. Jerry Collis

    It’s my home. I live in it full time and travel the US seeing the country

  74. Richard

    We are lucky enough to be able to visit the USA for six months each year though it would be nice to be able to stay longer. We have a 40 foot diesel pusher and prefer to stay in state parks / C of E parks and a little boondocking, that takes up about 3 of our 6 months. The rest of the time we use small independent RV parks.

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