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Comments for Do you have a last name? What’s wrong with you?

  • It used to be that the Enquirer and Globe were front row center in the gauntlet leading up to the check-out stand. No more! Now it’s all this stuff about people that I (at the ripe young age of 71) have for the most part never even heard of.

  • Chuck, What goes around seems to come around. It wasn’t that long ago that surnames were not universal. If you lived in a village with a total population of 125 people everyone knew everyone else. You might have “Big” John or John the Senior or Junior, etc.
    My ancestor John Marble showed up in Boston in 1635 but no firm record exists about him before that. It is believed he was a stone mason so maybe “John the marble worker” or John the marble mason” evolved into simply John Marble.
    I do have another ancestor recorded as John DeMaranville. He was French and was from the village of Moraine, France, so it is entirely possible that when in New Hampshire in 1725 and was asked in his name, he replied Je suis John de moraine ville.