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Comments for Don’t get stuck — Have a ‘Plan B’ when boondocking

  • Good advice, Bob. I’m a retired truck driver so backing up our travel trailer for BLOCKS would not be an issue, but who wants to do THAT – skilled or not? Sometimes we just get out and walk down the road to have a look. We do a lot of our boondocking here in Nevada and most times we can SEE down the road. Even so, we’ve gotten into a couple situations which required backing up a considerable distance. The only concern I really have is backing up and seeing someone else coming down the road – looking for the ‘ideal’ boondocking site. Ha. Hasn’t happened yet, but ya never know . . .

  • This article has me laughing, especially the phrase, “dirt roads that MUST be explored.” Yup, dirt roads sing me their siren songs and have lured me into many a near-disaster. I want to explore every one of them. And I have likewise acquired rubber mats and shovels.

    I’ve been stuck in one place for 3 years now, so this is a powerful nudge to get moving. So many dirt roads, so little time!

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