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Comments for Drive ’til the wheels fall off? Seems like this RVer did

  • Seattle has a problem with RVers, well, drug addicts in derelict motorhomes like this one. They line the streets of residential neighborhoods, dump their blackwater in the stormwater grates, leave used needles all over the place.

  • You can make fun of, criticise, judge the inhabitants of this RV but until you know their “story” you shouldn’t judge them. There are thousands of homeless in Santa Clara county and yes there are people who are homeless because they are drug addicts or alcoholics but there are also scores of individuals, couples and families that through no fault of their own, are homeless. Santa Clara county is very RV unfriendly. And the average 1 bedroom apartment is over $3000+/- depending on where in the county you are, what are people to do?! We lost everything in 2008! We consider ourselves lucky to have an RV to live in but cannot afford to live in California! Is this the Great American dream…..NOT!

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