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Comments for “Easy-lube”-ing your RV axle bearings? Take note!

  • I’ve gone the “through the axle” lube route and later found that forcing the grease in caused the rear seal to leak, putting a lot of grease on my brake shoes. Once the shoes are contaminated they are no good. I now do the full tear down once a year and have total peace of mind.

  • I had EZ lube axles on a boat trailer and I had that problem of grease leaking past the inner seal. Since the trailer didn’t have brakes, it didn’t matter that much but I did have to take the bearings out and pack them by hand.
    My fifth wheel has disc brakes. Until a month ago, I had Nev-R-Lube bearings/hubs. When one of them ran out of grease, seized up and ruined the spindle, I found out that Lippert no longer used those bearings and axles. They had to replace both axles, I assume so they would match. They were replaced with EZ Lube axles. I’m glad because I have heard so many horror stories about the Nev-R-Lube bearings. I will be sure to watch the inner seal as I’m pumping grease into the fitting.

  • I have the EZ Lube system and after learning how to properly lube them I have never had a problem but every other year I pull it apart to do just what you are saying to inspect the shoes, races, bearings, magnet, wires, spindle and drum. As a note I bought our F/W at a VERY large discount because the previous owner or shop messed up the EZ Lube system. The owner came up a little hot on a stop light and proceeded to stop, the F/W pushed him through the intersection! Scared him into selling the trailer. That was 20 years ago. Never a problem after fixing the wrong seals that were installed and learning how to properly lube the bearings.

  • Jeez, do we still need to point out that Bearing Buddies are not designed to replace axle lubrication? EZ lube system is, and will pump grease through your bearings forcing most of the old grease out through the cap area of the wheel hub. Bearing Buddy is different. If you use Bearing Buddy to lube, it pushes the grease out the inner seal which makes a mess on the inside seal area of the wheel hub, and might cause it to leak

    • People should read about Bearing Buddies. They are not a lubrication system. They are designed for boats. The concept is you pump them up to put tension on the spring / plunger. Then you drive to the lake. When you back into the water with the boat trailer, the cold water causes the grease but more so the air in the hub to contract. With the bearing buddy as the pressure in the hub reduces, the spring loaded plunger pushes grease into the hub to compensate. If you do not have the bearing buddy pumped up a little or do not have them, when you back into the cold water, you may draw water into the hub and into the bearings. When you head home, your bearing has water in them which leads to failure as water and grease do not mix.

      These hubs look like the have been submerged given the rusty condition. It is doubtful they would work even if the lining had not detached (because of rusty shoe.

      I am all in favor of checking hubs one every couple years, but the EZ Lube system works if used right. Like jack up the wheel and spin it as you grease – and only 3-6 pumps per wheel. (I might get challenged on the number of pumps)