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Comments for Electrical reference graphics to print and save

  • General question, if I use a 50amp surge protector on a 30amp circuit, am I still protected? Some electrical posts have only 30amps available.
    Thank you

  • Yes you are. You need a 30-amp to 50-amp dogbone adapter plugged into the pedestal. Then plug your 50-amp surge protector into it, and plug your RV’s shore power connector into the surge protector. Of course you now only have 30 amps of power instead of the 100 amps available from a 50 amp outlet.

  • Thank you and the 30a cord is much easier to handle.
    Does not make any difference if 30 or 100 amps all of my outlets are on one circuit and go thru a 20amp breaker in the inverter! Have to be careful what is plugged in at the same time.
    It is a 2004 Safari Trek, built by Monaco.

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