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Comments for Expect the unexpected when traveling

  • This quote makes the whole article – “I’m just curious, how long did it take to figure out it wasn’t a halter top? “

  • My mother and I years ago did some tent camping near Holland Michigan. We pitched our tent and did our thing until Sunday morning when some holy rollers came up to us and said you are joining our church service right? Under this pavilion were chairs and almost no one there. We looked at each other and left quickly. We felt bad that no one showed up but still the look of anticipation on their faces.

  • Forget the refund; if you paid their regular rates during the rally, you got a deal already. We once stopped at an RV park in Sturgis where we’d stayed before, but this time the rate quoted was at least double what we’d paid before. “Why the increase?” we asked. “Rally,” they said. But the rally didn’t start for another MONTH! “Good luck with that,” we told them, and drove on.

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