Free 2018 dinghy towing guide now available

The folks at have released the 2018 Guide to Dinghy Towing. It’s a free PDF download, and features “all manufacturer-approved, flat-towable cars, trucks and SUVs.” It’s important, for example, to make sure that your “toad” is capable of being towed with all four wheels on the pavement, if that’s what you want. Otherwise  you may find yourself having to haul your toad on a trailer. It’s also important to be familiar with a braking system that fully communicates between your motorhome and your towed vehicle. These and other towing issues are addressed in this guide. Click here to read/download.


5 Thoughts to “Free 2018 dinghy towing guide now available”

  1. Phil McCraken

    How about download it and then print it out. Ask your kids for the tech help if need be.

  2. Tom

    Is it possible to order this guide in paper form? How?

    1. Hi Tom,

      If you send me your snail mail address, I’ll print it and mail you a copy.

      Deanna Tolliver
      Associate Editor

      1. Tom

        Thank you so much for the offer, but I have a printer. Also, this is much the same brochure as the towing guide that I am sent every year by Trailer Life – same publisher as “Motorhome” if I’m not mistaken. Heck, you can see that it was even printed by the same company they are so similar. So…I am wondering if somewhere we can obtain a “hard copy” as compared to printing our own? Thank you!

        1. Tom

          Nevermind, Deanna. I emailed Good Sam to see if they make a hard copy. But thanks for the offer to print.

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