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Comments for Thinking of full-timing? Some basic advice

  • Once on the road, slow down both in your mph and days at one place. When one is on “vacation” there is the urge to pack in as much as possible. When fulltiming, one is “@home”. So, relax and stay at each stop for a while. Sit and read, take walks, do what you would when at the old sticks and bricks (at least the fun parts).
    Relax, it’s not a race. You are home wherever you are. Enjoy it. Slow down!!!
    That was our major discovery after going fulltime.

    • Agree 150%! Our first summer of full-time RV life we went up to Yukon and Alaska and were back in 6 weeks, way too fast. We had read lots of comments from full-time travellers about slowing down but it takes awhile to “get in the groove” of our new chosen lifestyle.

  • Deciding what to keep and what to dispose of was our hardest task after deciding to go full time.

    We’ve been full timing almost 12 years. We disposed of almost everything from the sale of the house except family pictures, grandma’s silverware, and a few things we thought we couldn’t or didn’t want to replace. We paid for storage….big mistake.

    Tools were a problem because I had no idea what would be needed in our new lifestyle. I ended up selling them all except for a few “must haves”, but gave myself permission to buy any tool I actually needed. Nice having the new high-powered battery operated tools.. 🙂

    After a year on the road, we tried to remember what was in that expensive storage area, and found we couldn’t remember what was there. When we returned to the storage area, getting rid of the rest was pretty easy. What we still couldn’t get rid of, we purchased a utility trailer, (with overhead vent) that we store in different places. (No storage fees easily paid for the trailer). Best of luck figuring it out for your needs.

  • I’m not sure why people feel they need to get rid of everything in order to full time RV. But if you have a hard time getting rid of things such as heirlooms, but still need to get rid of them, I would suggest taking pictures of everything. It makes it a little easier. You will still have the memories every time you see the pictures and they don’t take up any room.

  • Please don’t confuse Full time traveling with living Full time in an RV Park. They are two different set of experiences. Stationery RV is just like living in a mobile home park – no fuel to buy, no RV park to reserve, no highways to drive. The reason RV’s were originally built was to travel far and wide so when you say you are going Full Timing, do you realize what exactly what that means. Stationery or Traveling.

  • Once both my wife and I were retired (I beat her by about a year), we immediately started spending more time in our travel trailer. Weeks and weeks. No longer on vacation (as grumpyoldtimer mentions), we were on a ‘trip’. I keep my speed down around 57 mph. This gives anyone who wants to go faster a much easier time to get around us, and it brought my mpg up to 10-12. Both our moms are still alive (87 and 97) so getting too far away is pretty much out of the question. Someday when they are gone I see us spending MUCH more time away from the home-20. I’d love to get away from northern Nevada for the whole winter. Someday . . .