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Comments for Full-time RVing: Safe and happy with the 3/300 rule

  • I’m getting old and slowing down. I used to travel just by car and if I didn’t make 1,000 miles I thought the day was wasted. After I started RVing I tried to say 550 was maxing out, but tried to stay around 450 miles. In this newsletter I read about the 3&3 and I really try and stick close to that now. There’s a psychological barrier to cross when you stop at 5 PM and then at 6PM you think you could have been another 60 miles down the road. You also need to think that you could have been in the ditch somewhere too. When we travel long distances we usually get under way around 8 AM. Stop for gas a few times, have lunch, do your regular circle checks and by 3 or 4 PM you’ve covered 300 to 350 miles. 300 is really an arbitrary number as you don’t want to stop just anywhere so plan ahead. If I can find a place on the map that’s 280 to 330 miles distant that’s likely where I’ll shoot for. If in planning your route you see a place that interests you, stop and smell the roses. As my neighbor always says, “Nobody’s chasing you?”

  • I tend to stop a lot. There’s always something interesting to look at. My golden rule is stop by 4PM. There is nothing worse than trying to find a park or a place to pull off when it’s starting to get dark. I average about 50mph, so 4-5 hours is about 200 miles and that’s what I plan on.

  • Usually we plan a 250 mile day beginning @ around 10AM and ending somewhere between 2 or 3 cruising @ 60 mph. We usually plan the day’s stop for the night the night before or in the morning before we leave. Occasionally we will do 300 or so miles but for the most part it’s 250 and it works for us. There is so much to see in this great big beautiful country that one should not hurry.

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